Raja Beta 13 June 2019 Written Update – Purva Want to Help Pankhudi

Written Update: Raja Beta 13 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Purva inquiring as to whether she contemplated her choice. Pankhudi says I have thought throughout the night and chose not to support you. Purva asks what’s going on and wrong in this and says right thing is the thing that I needed for Vedant and me. Pankhudi says you need a specialist and I can’t do this fetus removal.

Purva inquires as to why? Pankhudi says she is Dr. Vedant’s understudy and accepts on Dada ji’s qualities. Does Purva request that what do? Pankhudi says Vedant says that each tyke has the option to come in this world so I do think the equivalent. Vedant hears them and gets up. Purva comes to room. Vedant inquires as to for what reason did you go to Pankhudi and says we had talked as of now. Purva says when we talked and enlightens that you have quite recently told regarding the choice.

Raja Beta 13 June 2019 Written Update

She asks him for what valid reason he is rebuffing her and for what and says are you rebuffing me as I adored another person before you or else set aside an effort to comprehend your decency. Vedant says you are same as I suspected seeing you on the principal day when you came to get your companion’s premature birth. He says you don’t esteem anybody’s life and leaves room furiously.

Sumiti peeps in Purva’s room and discovers her crying. Vedant comes to Pankhudi and requests that she accompany him to the emergency clinic. Vedant reveals to Pankhudi that premature birth won’t occur and asks her not to consent to Purva’s idiom. Pankhudi acts great with him and says I didn’t see your Dada ji, however accepts on his qualities. She supposes she won’t change her choice and is offering life to Vedant and her connection. They leave in the vehicle. Sumiti comes to Gomti and says there isn’t right with Purva and Vedant and tells everything.

Raja Beta 13 June 2019

Ramesh comes to Sanju and requests that he consider. Sanju says studies isn’t some tea. Ramesh requests that he become a specialist and handle jeevan rekha emergency clinic. Sanju requests that he give 20000 Rs and says question papers are getting sold. Purva calls Pankhudi once more. Pankhudi picks the call and advises that she will do basic task with Vedant and is occupied for 3 hours. Vedant and Pankhudi are occupied in the task. He says Once I get the surgical blade, my focus is here and requests that her do likewise. Purva is leaving quietly.

Ramesh asks where is she going? Purva says Pankhudi called her to do the test. Manjula asks will I come? Sumiti and Gomti offer to come. Purva says Pankhudi and Vedant are in the emergency clinic. Dadi says she is correct. Purva goes to the medical clinic. Pankhudi is astounded. Purva says she came as a patient and says I trust you don’t reject your patients. Pankhudi asks what are you saying? Purva says here you may comprehend that it is mother’s desire to keep this infant or prematurely end it. She says your Patient doesn’t need this infant.

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