Raja Beta 11 June 2019 Written Update – Vedant Stands up Shockingly

Written Update: Raja Beta 11 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Vedant is going out and tells that Purva was stressed. Sanju asks Pankhudi what befell your sister. Pankhudi says the test should be finished. Sanju says what may be the reason. He says everybody is accepting that she is pregnant. Pankhudi asks who needs to turn into the specialist quick. Sanju says, everybody. Pankhudi says manifestations can be of numerous ailments.

Sanju says even pregnancy. Pankhudi requests that he ask Vedant. Sanju holds her hand as she is going to leave. Dadi comes and reminds Sanju that they are not hitched yet. Purva gains awareness. Pankhudi discloses to her that Vedant gave her infusion to make her rest. Purva inquires as to whether Vedant came to realize that I am pregnant. She is stunned. Gomti, Sumiti, and Manjula come there with nourishment.

Raja Beta 11 June 2019

Manjula makes her beverage soup. Pankhudi thinks everybody is showering love now and will affront and show you out, till then appreciate. Sumiti tells that they are experienced. Purva says my head is tormenting. Dadi comes and requests that everybody go. She asks Purva to rest. Pankhudi asks Purva to have drug and says Dr. Vedant recommended it. Purva requests that her go and says I need to rest.

Sanju discloses to Ramesh that Pankhudi said that the illness can be anything. Purva is in her room and goes to the restroom. She washes up under the shower and looked Rahul on their marriage day. She reviews her marriage with Vedant and their adoration. She inquires as to why this is going on with me.

Raja Beta 11 June 2019

I completed a misstep and confided in a wrong person, I have completed an oversight then why Vedant is getting rebuffed. She says he caused me to comprehend the importance of adoration and gave me so much love that I overlooked the torment. She supposes how to offer him torment and reprieve his fantasy of upbeat family. She says Vedant won’t get rebuffed and won’t pay for my slip-ups.

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