Raja Beta 10 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Mahadev comes to Parvati

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The Episode begins with Vedant thinking the young lady misled me before too. He thinks she made him question Pankhudi. Pankhudi comes to get some information about a patient’s record and takes the document. Vedant requests that her demonstrate her mehendi. She inquires as to why? Vedant says he enjoys it. Pankhudi says without a doubt and strolls towards him. She cunningly makes glass tumbles down and hits her hand with the glass piece to harm her palm where V is composed.

Purva comes there and sees Vedant wrapping her palm. Pankhudi says my patients are pausing and goes. Vedant reveals to Purva that he realizes that she realizes that Pankhudi attempted to hurt Purva and him and solicits her not to exploit from that. He says when I requested that her demonstrate her hand to me, she concurred right away. Purva says Pankhudi is great at lying. Vedant says she wouldn’t have been sure on the off chance that she was lying. Purva tells that Pankhudi is sure liar.

Vedant asks her not to make their connection messy. Mahadev reveals to Parvati that he is going to earth. Parvati inquires as to whether he will support her. Mahadev says I can’t support you. Parvati says don’t have the foggiest idea what Alakshmi will do. Mahadev says whatever happens will be according to predetermination. Purva cries. Pankhudi goes to her and demonstrations to cry. She says V is covered up under the swathe. Purva says it is great that my face changed, presently I have seen your actual face and will spare Vedant.

Raja Beta 10 October 2019

Pankhudi says you have turned out to be careless and tells that he will break her quick and she (Purva) won’t get an opportunity to see his face too. Purva says in the event that you don’t give him a chance to get back home, at that point I will come to the medical clinic. Pankhudi says we are going to Delhi. She says when the moon shows up, I will see it and afterward Vedant. At that point I will request that he give water, however, when he attempts to give me water, at that point I will have harmed hand and stuff in the hand, so he will be compelled to make me drink water. Purva says you are so modest. Pankhudi says Vedant is the only mine.

Alakshmi comes to Parvati and says it is a miracle that you sent your significant other on the earth and you are staying here with eyes shut. Parvati says she has kept quick and approaches all her quick for Kaali. Alakshmi says Kaali is conceived when the vish fell in the water and says they are everlasting. Parvati says Mahadev went to the earth and will help their bhakts. Pankhudi calls Sanju and approaches him to go for HR select gathering. He says he needs to go to the market to purchase suhaag stuff for her.

Pankhudi requests that he ask dr. Vedant to bring it, says she needs her nose to be high consistently. Sanju gets cheerful and goes. Vedant directs the letter while Purva composes it. Sanju comes and approaches him to get suhaag stuff for Pankhudi. Purva says just spouse gets it. Vedant reproves her for meddling among siblings and discloses to Sanju that he will bring. Sanju goes.

Pankhudi comes there and inquires as to whether she can join him to Delhi. He says he didn’t ask her as today she is fasting. She says she will oversee and has booked their tickets as of now. Purva is stunned and turns out. Pankhudi gives her hanky and requests that her cry. Purva says he is going for signature gathering and not on the grounds that, he needs to leave from me. Pankhudi says she made the gathering significant for Vedant and furthermore sent Sanju to him to purchase the stuff. Purva requests that God accomplish something and help her.

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