Raja Beta 10 June 2019 Written Update – Punishing Vedant for her Mistakes

Written Update: Raja Beta 10 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

She expresses gratitude toward him and grins. Pankhudi thinks to proceed to tell Purva. She at that point thinks to discover the relative’s musings. Vedant says in the event that she needs to tell this thing as it were. Purva says she has a remark about the sanctuary occurrence, yet it isn’t that significant. Vedant thinks whether Purva doesn’t think about her child.

Raja Beta 10 June 2019

Ramesh stops Vedant and says I have to converse with you about something significant. Vedant says a patient is in agony and I have to go there. He leaves. Ramesh thinks to discover himself and thinks what khichdi pankhudi is making. Sumiti educates Gomti concerning Purva’s pregnancy. Gomti yells shockingly. She inquires as to for what reason didn’t you tell Dadi.

Sumiti says on the off chance that the news isn’t right, at that point, she will be chided. Pankhudi comes there and gives nail clean to Sumiti. Sumiti gets some information about Purva. Pankhudi says she is regurgitating and is having acchar. Gomti says your sister is pregnant and inquires as to whether her degree is phony. Pankhudi acts to get glad.

Raja Beta 10 June 2019

She comes to Purva. Purva says she is believing that something is not kidding about her. Pankhudi inquires as to whether she doesn’t have an inkling what was the deal? She proceeds to figure she will appreciate seeing her in torment. She brings water for Purva. Purva beverages water. Pankhudi asks about her spewing and requests what good reason did you lie to me? She says you said that there is nothing among Vedant and you and says I need to hear this from you. Purva asks what is in the report.

Pankhudi says I will let you know as a specialist and says I will be Maasi, you are pregnant. Purva is stunned. Pankhudi says I am especially upbeat and says I would be progressively glad on the off chance that you had imparted to me.

Purva says there is nothing among Vedant and me. Pankhudi says it is affirmed and says the report and side effects are yelling that you are pregnant. Purva says this can’t be valid, as nothing occurred among Vedant and me. She gets profound stun and blacks out on the bed. Pankhudi says I can’t conceal my bliss.

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