Qurbaan Hua 22 Dec 2020 Episode, Written Update, WHy Neel Slaps Chahat?

Written Update: Qurbaan Hua 22 Dec 2020 Episode.

Today 22nd December 2020 Qurbaan Hua episode begins, Neel asks Chahat on the off chance that the neckband is worth more, at that point her poise at which Chahat clarifies that the expressions of Viyas jee have extraordinary significance in her life and she can likewise put her nobility online for him, Neel at that point slaps her.

Some time prior Viyas jee asks who is the woman yet before she can say anything Chahat clarifies that she has lost the way thus went to their home which is the reason she would show them the way, Chahat then tosses her against the vehicle which enrages sweety and she is resolute to take the accessory anyway Chahat will not allow her to take it at that point drives her away she says that her lower leg has broken.

She arranges her men to abduct Chahat as she would satisfy the misfortune which would be brought about, they attempt to remove her however Chahat calls to Neel, Meera won’t release him out and attempts to be sentimental yet Neel follows Chahat, he is running energetically yet can’t get them and furthermore falls on the ground.

Qurbaan Hua 22 Dec 2020 Episode

Viyas jee asks where Chahat is on the grounds that she went to show the way to some more unusual, yet ahs do not return till now, Godambari shouts that these young ladies don’t know the estimation of this customs thus she will herself disperse the Parshad among the individuals anyway Viyas jee stops her referencing that it is the errand of Chahat.

Chahat is calling Neel who is following the van on a cruiser, yet he is as yet not ready to get them then sweety orders her men to ensure Chahat is oblivious and furthermore educate the others that they have another artist.

Meera goes into the room while attempting to discover Neel anyway he isn’t in the room and she staggers the photograph collection yet then observing him with Chahat in their wedding she shouts that he has gotten considerably more attractive thus now she would take him back from Chahat as she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what sort of issue, she has brought to herself subsequent to bringing her here.

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