Pyaar Ke Papad 8 April 2019 Written Update – Omkar Has no Bad Quality

Written Update: Pyaar Ke Papad 8 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj favoring Omkar and telling Triloki about the belief of devotion. He says we will do puja with one Shillong. GST asks Triloki to end Omkar’s Kundli dosh. Triloki says you are big dosh in his kundli. He agrees to Maharaj. Omkar goes with them and does the puja. He asks can I call my family for talk now that dosh is solved. Triloki refuses. Triloki calls Jaya and asks when can she meet. She calls him in the market and tells him that he needs her help. They have a talk. He asks her to tell Omkar’s bad quality by which the marriage breaks. She says Omkar has no bad quality, he is the best, he is really good, you can’t find anyone better than him for Shivika.

He asks her to help him, Omkar can’t marry Shivika, because Omkar is a son of ration owner. She says there are many things are seen in marriage, the groom’s family wants a financially sound guy. She advises him to check Omkar’s financial status. He says I understand what to do to break this marriage, thanks. Omkar checks the papers and asks Shivika to see. Shivika asks what’s this. Omkar says you didn’t manage your accounts. The guy tells about the accounts file. Omkar asks him to get the proper file so that he can get a loan. The guy says I can give money to someone who maintains my files. Omkar says I can’t tell anything about that. The guy scolds him and goes. Shivika says, strange man. Omkar says to leave it, mostly elderly people trouble me. Triloki calls him and says come, I want to meet you.

Omkar says fine, I will get my brother along. Triloki asks him to get his finance papers along, he wants to know his financial status for Shivika’s security. Omkar says fine, I will come. Jaya smiles. Shivika asks what happened. Omkar says your dad called me home to fix marriage date. She laughs and asks but what finance papers. He says maybe there is something hidden behind. Jagat and Jaya come with Omkar. Jagat says date will be fixed once things go fine today. Jaya says it will happen as we want. Omkar asks them to come. Triloki welcomes them. Jaya asks Omkar to come in. Omkar and Jagat get scared. Triloki says yes, come in, I have no option left. Omkar imagines Triloki conducting his marriage.

Jagat says Omkar earns well. Triloki asks about his savings. Devki says even Shivika earns money. Triloki says what if Shivika gets ill if she wants money. Omkar says nothing such will happen, Shivika is my responsibility, I have thought a lot for her. Triloki says Shivika should marry in a good house. He tells them about the alliances he got for Shivika. Omkar asks how much amount you want to see to get satisfied. He asks Omkar to show 5 lakhs in his account, that too in 5 days. Jaya asks how can this happen, no its better you break this relation.

Jagat asks her to be quiet. Jagat says its impossible thing, how can this happen, Triloki says Omkar will decide this, you all decide, you have 5 days to arrange 5 lakhs. Shivika says dad kept such a condition that Omkar can’t fulfill. Devki says Omkar is getting stronger, I m sure he won’t lose. Shivika cries for Omkar. Triloki says once you move on and live life, you know practical things, love ends at that time, if Omkar doesn’t get 5 lakhs, how will he run his family, just think. He goes.

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