Pyaar Ke Papad 7 May 2019 Written Update – OMG Shivika Slaps Omkar

Written Update: Pyaar Ke Papad 7 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Omkar grinning seeing Shivika. She returns. He sits tight for her. GST asks Omkar to come, she won’t come now. Omkar calls her once more. Phir le aaya plays. Shivika sees Omkar as yet remaining outside the door. She runs seeing his calls. Devki stops her and says your father isn’t having sustenance, he is broken. Shivika gets tragic and reviews the things occurred. GST awakens Omkar and says its before long going to be morning, we ought to return home. Omkar says I need to meet Shivika once. GST says accompany me, Triloki may see you. Omkar says she didn’t come to meet me. Triloki gets rebuffed by the sanctuary head.

Pyaar Ke Papad 7 May 2019

He washes the sanctuary and gets injured. Shivika cries and says rebuff me, it’s not father’s misstep. The man says Triloki needs to acknowledge the discipline, else Brahmans won’t excuse him. Devki says your father needs to do this in any case. Alankar grins. Triloki gets injured while washing the whole sanctuary. Alankar asks Shivika to be solid. Shivika cries seeing Triloki’s battles. He completes an extreme Pariknama. He goes to the sanctuary while bowing down and doing customs. The general population remark on him. Shivika asks them not to misconstrue her father, he is a legit Mahant. Triloki feels worn out and wiped out. Devki requests that he drink water. Shivika cries seeing him. She leaves to the ghat and reviews Omkar. She sits crying. She gets Omkar’s call and says I m at the ghat, come here.

GST and Omkar come to meet her. Omkar gets some information about Triloki’s discipline. She gets furious and slaps him. He requests that her slap him more and vent out annoyance, else this flame will end their connection. She says this connection is scorched off, my father got offended as a result of you. He asks what did I do. She reminds his words and says you have done this. He says I didn’t mean my words. She says precisely, you didn’t mean anything, you attempted to slap my father, I have committed an error to adore you, you gave us distress. GST asks them not to battle with Omkar, since Omkar found out about Triloki, he is stressed. He asks her not to fault Omkar. Shivika says Omkar is stressed in the wake of making everybody stress. She closes her connection with Omkar and reprimands him for harming her heart.

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