Pyaar Ke Papad 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Shivika Tying Something there

Written Update: Pyaar Ke Papad 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Shivika getting back home to meet Triloki. She requests that he help her, Jaya supposes she is doing dark enchantment on her. She requests that he complete a puja in her home and help them. He asks how could you figure I will help you in this work, never, go from here, that family is detestable, how might they have such convictions.

He goes. Shalu asks what happened to Jaya all of a sudden, what will you do. Shivika asks her not to stress. Alankar hears them. He says I realize a tantric who can support you, he can fix Jaya. Shivika approaches him to get tantric for Jaya.

Pyaar Ke Papad 4 July 2019

Dolly asks her not to take help from Alankar. Shivika says I know Omkar will feel awful however its devil to make Jaya fine. Dolly requests that she be cautious. Shivika gets back home and discovers Jaya carrying on frantic and had once more. Shivika goes to Jaya.

Jaya alarms her with her conduct. She requests that her tie the dark fabric there. Shivika asks her not to cry and quiet down. Jaya says guarantee me, you won’t advise this to anybody. Shivika concurs. She goes to tie the fabric. Jagat comes and sees Shivika. He says what is Shivika doing.

Tantric accompanies Alankar. He says an individual is influenced by dark enchantment here. Maya says I told the equivalent, they didn’t hear me out. Omkar asks who got the tantric here. Alankar says I got him here. Omkar asks Shivika not to have any deceptions. He contends with tantric and requests that he leave, the specialist will treat Jaya.

GST says Omkar you are correct yet given him a chance to check Jaya first. Tantric says you don’t accept my capacity, I can feel that this lady is influenced by dark enchantment. Omkar says simply go. Shivika stops him and requests that he let this occur, its devil to clear Jaya and Maya’s hallucination, simply given this a chance to happen once for the good of Jaya. The tantric completes a haven and begins acting.

Pyaar Ke Papad 4 July 2019

Jaya too acts had and yells to the soul to get free. Everybody gets stunned. Everybody gets stunned seeing the otherworldly things. The tied material goes towards Shivika. Tantric says it implies this young lady has done the dark enchantment. Shivika says I didn’t do anything. Omkar and Alankar shield Shivika. Omkar says its everything babble. Tantric says I will do this puja by and by for your fulfillment. He does the puja again and says Shivika has done this dark enchantment.

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