Pyaar Ke Papad 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Omkar for Jaya Mental Peace

Written Update: Pyaar Ke Papad 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Alankar grinning and saying I won’t let you live in harmony Omkar. He shrouds his face and spies on Omkar. Omkar sees him and pursues once more. Alankar leaves in the auto. Omkar calls GST and says that red saree lady achieved my home, I m following her and sending you to live area, come quick. GST and Dolly additionally reach there to get the lady. Omkar requests that he talk moderate.

They get inside the godown and see the red saree lady. Alankar talks as a woman and furthermore a man. He tricks them by a discussion. Alankar says I will take the necessary steps when the perfect opportunity arrives. Omkar stresses. Alankar says it’s better we get them and murder them. Omkar asks GST and Dolly to simply go. He says I need to remain here and realize who is this lady, why she needs to execute me, simply go, remain safe.

GST requests that he be cautious. Alankar stows away. Omkar says she has fled, that lady is making a showing with us. GST says fine, however, we may confront a major misfortune. Dolly says we should better consider Jaya now. Alankar turns out from the huge box and grins.

Pyaar Ke Papad 3 July 2019

Jaya tells the specialist that she has cerebral pain. Specialist asks are you taking the prescriptions. Jaya says I have somebody on my head. Jagat asks who. Jaya acts and attempts to move somebody down her head. Shivika requests that she leave her hair. The specialist makes an infusion.

Jaya takes the syringe and pursues him to infuse. The specialist says sorry, I can’t treat her. Omkar comes and asks what occurred. Maya faults Shivika and cries. Shivika says everything will get fine, don’t stress. Omkar figures by what means will I handle everything. Shivika comes.

The breeze blows inside. Shivika and Omkar attempt to indicate window. They have a sentimental minute. Maya comes and says Jaya isn’t her room, come quick and see her. They get stunned seeing Jaya strolling on the railing. They all yell and request that she descend. Maya faults Shivika. Everybody remains caution to get Jaya on the off chance that she falls. Jaya says go, else I will bounce down.

Pyaar Ke Papad 3 July 2019

Omkar stops Jaya and recovers her. Jagat stresses for Jaya. Jaya dozes. Omkar says we will choose in the wake of seeing specialist’s reports. Maya says its dark enchantment, take Jaya to a major baba. Mangal says indeed, we should call baba, let specialist proceed with the treatment. Jagat doesn’t concur. Maya says Shivika will murder Jaya. Gupta inquires as to for what reason will Shivika do this.

Maya says she can do anything. Shivika says we will call a baba to fix Jaya. Omkar says I won’t bolster the superstitions, simply hear me out, I don’t need any tantric at home, its about Jaya’s life. Shivika requests that he get it. He says no baba will come in the house, specialists will fix Jaya. He goes. Shivika thinks to call baba and conflict with Omkar for Jaya’s psychological harmony.

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