Pyaar Ke Papad 27 June 2019 Written Update – Gupta Gets A Wonderful Surprise

Written Update: Pyaar Ke Papad 27 June 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Shivika sending Mikki to Gupta ji. Mikki demands him to take him to the shopping center. He concurs. Shivika requests that they go. GST and Dolly accompany party things. GST says you are at home, you were going out. Gupta asks how would you know. Mangal says GST is a Jyotish/crystal gazer, he knows everything. GST says yes. Gupta asks what did you get.

Pyaar Ke Papad 27 June 2019

Dolly says I got Shivika’s stuff from her home. Gupta asks what’s happening. Maya says I will let you know. Omkar approaches Maya to get tea for him. Mangal says for me likewise, go to Jaya. GST says make tea for us all. Shivika grins. Gupta asks Mikki to prepare, he will likewise prepare. He goes. Dolly says I got passionate about seeing them. Shivika cries. GST asks did we overlook the cake. Shivika cries and goes to her room.

She sees Triloki’s pic and cries. Omkar goes to her and sees her. He says I will welcome Triloki home, I will attempt, I don’t have the foggiest idea in the event that he will come, let me make an attempt, I trust I will win. She inquires as to why. He says let it be, simply grin, I m going to confront your father’s annoyance. Shivika grins and embraces him. Omkar comes to meet Triloki. Alankar insults him for coming with no consent.

Pyaar Ke Papad 27 June 2019

Omkar says outsiders like you need consent. Triloki chastens Omkar. Omkar welcomes him in dads day party. Triloki says Shivika isn’t my little girl, I m attempting to overlook that episode. Omkar says once you pardon and acknowledge Shivika, this injury will recuperate, in any event, send Deenu and Shalu.

Triloki yells on Deenu and Shalu. Shalu says kindly don’t do this, we lost mum and now Shivika are leaving. Omkar asks are you grabbing their sister, they effectively lost their mum, don’t do this. Triloki says fine, the two of them can go. Alankar gets stunned.

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