Pyaar Ke Papad 20 June 2019 Written Update – Omkar realizes the car brakes failed

Written Update: Pyaar Ke Papad 20 June 2019 Written Update on

Omkar and Shivika look on. Alankar says I had fallen there, I snuck past the water. Omkar asks do you have any work. Alankar says I just came here as I was feeling eager. Shivika reviews Shalu’s words. She says don’t stress for me, my family is there to stress for me, call before coming here next time. Omkar grins. Jaya comes and asks Alankar to come in. She asks Shivika and Omkar to sit and converse with Alankar.

Pyaar Ke Papad 20 June 2019

Shivika says I m going to dry the garments. Omkar says I have a gathering with my customer. He helps Shivika. Jaya and Alankar have a discussion in a roundabout way. Jaya says we will lose the game. Alankar says fight doesn’t finish with little disappointments. Omkar says I m going in the vehicle, advise Jagat. Alankar requests that he be cautious, anything can occur. Omkar couldn’t care less and leaves.

He meets with a mishap. Alankar looks on and supposes he is gone at this point. He grins. Omkar says Alankar, get off my direction. Alankar’s fantasy closes. Shivika gives the bicycle keys to Omkar. He says I need vehicle keys. She says sorry, I will get it. He says it’s fine, I will go on a bicycle. He leaves. Alankar thinks my arrangement fizzled.

Pyaar Ke Papad 20 June 2019

Triloki packs his stuff and says I will go Haridwar to submerge Devki’s slag, you remain here and deal with youngsters. Brij asks him not to stress. Triloki asks Alankar to join him. Alankar says I would prefer not to pass up on this opportunity, however, I have worked here. Triloki says fine, remain here and do your work. Alankar deceives him. Triloki goes.

Shivika gets astounded seeing Shalu and Deenu. Shivika embraces them and inquires as to whether the father thinks about your coming here. Omkar says he won’t know, Triloki has gone out for a couple of days, I thought to get them here. Mangal and Gupta state you completed something to be thankful for, simply keep two families joined this way.

Omkar concurs. Jaya inquires as to for what reason didn’t you get Mama, Mami, Alankar and pets. She insults them. Jagat requests that she stop it. Mangal asks Shivika to take her kin to her room. Omkar helps Shivika. Shalu asks Mikki how is she. Nandu says Mikki is unsettled, she needs to play cricket.

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