Pyaar Ke Papad 15 May 2019 Written Update – Shivika & Alankar Get Engaged

Written Update: Pyaar Ke Papad 15 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with GST asking Omkar not to stress and get back home to see the live broadcast of this not happening commitment. The woman says mahurat passed, commitment can’t occur. Triloki says there is much time, I addressed Guruji. Dolly takes the pics. Shivika and Alankar trade rings. Alankar figures how did the ring get littler in size. The women remark on Alankar and consider it a terrible sign. Alankar endeavors to make Shivika wear the ring and damages her. He is sorry.

Pyaar Ke Papad 15 May 2019

They all figure how did the ring get littler. Pandit says Mahant can give a superior arrangement, Shivika’s old ring can’t be utilized for commitment. Omkar watches this on a live video call. Jagat tells how Mangal got pummeled for this issue. Triloki says let’s complete a certain something, let’s tie a Mauli in Shivika’s finger, he will make her wear ring afterward, feelings are the devil.

Alankar ties the mail. Everybody applauds. Omkar and his siblings giggle. Alankar says somebody has done this mix-up, and he will be rebuffed without a doubt. Devki says I had checked the ring size well. Triloki says somebody has done this purposefully. Devki says we would have seen Omkar in the event that he had come. Shivika reviews Omkar. Her kin embraces her and asks who will spare us from father on the off chance that you go. She says I m not leaving. Alankar gets a call and stresses.

Pyaar Ke Papad 15 May 2019

He says I need to accomplish something that this marriage turns into an impulse for Shivika. He desires breakfast. He says everybody acknowledged me, with the exception of Shivika, I feel she doesn’t like me. Devki says dislike that, Shivika is bashful. Alankar takes Triloki’s consent to take Shivika out. He comes to Shivika and apologizes. She says it’s fine. He says I need to take you anyplace out, your father allowed us.

Dolly illuminates this to Omkar. Omkar says we need to stop Alankar by finding that young lady, we can sort this wreckage. Alankar gets Shivika to the inn. He influences the director. Shivika prepares. Alankar gets wearing formals. Everybody snickers seeing him. Triloki asks what is this look. Alankar says sorry, I m going out with Shivika, I don’t need anybody to ridicule her.

Triloki says shades aren’t required around evening time, it’s great to change dress, however not considering, qualities and conduct. Dolly snickers seeing Alankar. Shivika too chuckles. Dolly goes out and signs Omkar. Omkar sees Alankar and Shivika. Alankar says I got this bicycle from sanctuary pujari, come. They leave on the bicycle. Omkar and GST pursue.

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