Pyaar Ke Papad 15 June 2019 Written Update – Can Jaya Troubles Shivika?

Written Update: Pyaar Ke Papad 15 June 2019 Written Update on

Dolly says make Omkar yours and furthermore this family. She helps Shivika in cleaning the room. Mikki tumbles down and cries. Shivika and Dolly go to her. Gupta supports Mikki and goes to get a prescription. Shivika does the guide to Mikki and appeases her. Shivika says Mikki and wound will get fine now, any twisted can mend soon if the guide is done well, it takes some time, however, it in the long run recuperates.

Gupta sees Shivika. Jaya and Maya get back home and discover the house clean. Maya acclaims Shivika. Jaya insults her and gets some information about Mikki. Nandu says Mikki got injured. Jaya yells and goes to see Mikki. She asks what occurred. She reprimands Shivika. Mikki is dozing. Shivika requests that her discussion gradually.

Pyaar Ke Papad 15 June 2019

Maya asks how did you not know when she got injured. Jaya says you will commit pardon and not acknowledge your error. Gupta says its not Shivika’s deficiency, Mikki was playing and tumbled down, turn out, let Mikki rest. Shivika grins. Jaya says even he is supporting Shivika now. Maya asks Shivika to make sustenance today, it’s her rasoi rasam. Jaya approaches will you make nourishment for everybody, in the event that you are worn out, let us know, rasam isn’t a demon.

Shivika says I will make. Maya advises the menu and requests that she make it before 9 pm. Jaya says father takes meds early. Shivika says I will make it. Mangal asks is this lodging menu card. Jagat says it appears to be so. Omkar stresses and asks in what capacity can Shivika make such a large number of things alone, desserts are made in rasam.

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