Pyaar Ke Papad 14 May 2019 Written Update – Omkar Tries To Convince Shivika

Written Update: Pyaar Ke Papad 14 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Omkar and GST sneaking into Triloki’s home. The women look out for Cutie pie melody. Alankar hangs tight for Shivika and gets anxious. GST asks Omkar to accompany him. Shivika wants commitment. Omkar grins seeing her. GST requests that he come quick, he can see Shivika later. Alankar compliments Shivika. Triloki asks Devki to converse with pandit. The pandit tells the commitment ceremonies.

Shivika gets dismal and advances the hand. Alankar holds his hand. The light goes. Triloki asks by what method can control go off this way. The man informs Jagat and Mangal concerning the issue and fixes the power combine. Jaya asks in what capacity can any criminal come this way. They all contend and make the circuit tester occupied. The man says I need to leave now. Mangal says pause, I will check first.

Pyaar Ke Papad 14 May 2019

He acts to get shocked. Jaya yells. Jagat and Mangal do the show. Triloki asks Brij to mastermind the generator. Brij says it will require investment, I will attempt to discover an answer. Devki goes. Alankar asks Shivika for what good reason is she so calm. He holds her deliver the dimness and does on talking. He gets stunned seeing Deenu close to. Deenu insults and goes.

Shivika attempts to orchestrate a circuit repairman. Omkar comes there to meet her. Omkar asks Shivika to simply comprehend that Alankar isn’t directly for her. She approaches who is directly for me, you? He says I m not ruining things, you are doing it, I m sparing your life. She says my father likes him. He says then let your father wed him. She says I will yell, simply go. He says yell. Alankar comes there to search for her. Omkar and Shivika stowaway. GST looks in and gets captured by Triloki. Gst stresses. Triloki beats him. Dolly says he is my companion, he is a Brahman, I see the position in kinship.

Pyaar Ke Papad 14 May 2019

Triloki says its right, your reasoning is great, for what reason isn’t he talking. She says he is quiet. Dolly asks GST to sit calm. Triloki calls Alankar and they go. Omkar says I won’t go, I simply need you to be cheerful. She says I m upbeat since my family is glad. She goes. He stops her and requests that she tune in and comprehend, break the commitment. They have a minute. Jaya goes to beat Mangal to get him liberated. Jagat gets a message from Omkar and says our work is finished. Dolly falls in GST’s arms and they grin. Omkar comes and says I needed to see this commitment breaking. Deenu says circuit tester is here. Omkar goes with GST. Circuit tester fixes the lights and says somebody has cut the wires, be cautious next time. Triloki gets considering.

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