Pyaar Ke Papad 12 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Omkar Introduces Shivika to Suhana

Written Update: Pyaar Ke Papad 12 July 2019 Episode Written Update on

What happens in today episode of Pyaar Ke Papad 12 July 2019? check out today episode written an update. Today episode of Pyaar Ke Papad begins, with Jaya going out. Jagat reviews her words and cries. Its morning, Jagat makes Mikki prepared for school. She asks when will mummy get back home, for what reason did she go to Nani’s home. He blows up and requests that she come. Shivika comes to support them.

Scene #2

She asks Jagat to call Jaya home. Omkar says transport has left. Shivika takes Mikki to drop her. Omkar says you… Jagat says you don’t begin this now if Shivika realizes what Jaya did. Omkar says Shivika will overlook Jaya and request that you get Jaya back, Shivika or anybody can’t have Jaya’s spot, consider Mikki, she would miss Jaya, if you don’t mind recover her, I will drop Mikki to class.

Omkar sits tragic and says I m considering Jagat and Jaya, when his outrage quiets down, he will get Jaya. She says it might get late. She sees Omkar fallen snoozing and encourages him rest property. She kisses him and grins. She takes a nail clean and hues his foot nails. Omkar sees the clean and inquires as to for what reason did you do this, imagine a scenario where anybody sees this.

Scene# 3

She calls Omkar and says your telephone is ringing. Omkar requests that she give the telephone. Omkar proceeds to get his telephone. Mikki sees his feet and snickers. He says you look charming, you have connected nail paint. Mangal says show it to me. Shivika grins.

They all snicker. Mangal asks when did you like this. Omkr says its Shivika’s trick. Shivika signs no. They grin. Alankar’s change self reveals to him that Jaya deceived him, however he can, in any case, win, Omkar has no confirmation against him. Alankar does the guide to his injury and says I can deny Omkar whenever, poor Omkar, he doesn’t know his genuine intention, its Shivika as well as the spot which I long for.

Pyaar Ke Papad 12 July 2019 Episode

Omkar meets GST and tells about Jaya. Omkar hears a young lady talking at the chaat slow down and says Suhana. She comes and embraces him. They are companions. He says I remembered you. She says I generally look at you on the web-based social networking. Omkar says she is my school companion. GST says goodness, amazing. Omkar says you changed and turned into a courageous woman.

Suhana says I needed to look great, I have come to give a meeting in the bank. Omkar says I do work there. She says stunning, we will have some good times there. He asks where are you living. She says at a lodging. GST says it’s expensive. Omkar says you need to return home, everybody will be glad seeing you. She says, however. He says no be that as it may accompany me.

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