Pyaar Ke Papad 12 April 2019 Written Update – Shivika Shows the Video

Written Update: Pyaar Ke Papad 12 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Inspector reprimanding the family for selling the medications, which is illicit. Jagat and Mangal endeavor to clear up. Gupta safeguards his children. Examiner says its a wrongdoing to sell unsafe medications. He captures them. Omkar and Shivika come and stop the police. Omkar says it’s not their error, the genuine guilty party is another person.

Shivika demonstrates the video. Auditor inquires as to whether this isn’t valid. Omkar says you can go to this location and catch the vender of medications. Examiner says in the event that this is valid, at that point you will get 5 lakhs as remuneration and respect. Omkar and everybody gets stunned. Jagat says Omkar went ahead correct time. Mangal says we were tremendously stressed, presently we would breath be able to well. Gupta says, whatever happens, is for the great, you both got spared.

Mangal says now begin getting ready for their commitment. Triloki asks where is Devki. Devki gets water for him and commendations Omkar. She says Omkar earned 5 lakhs, he got a major drug dealer captured, presently he can come to discuss commitment. Triloki gets stunned and irate. He feels that Omkar will have his spot and principle over him. She gets terrified of seeing this fantasy.

He says this person doesn’t give me a chance to rest. He calls Alankar and asks when are you coming. Alankar says I m coming, I will be there tomorrow and afterward there is no reason to worry. Its morning, Kishore says Omkar satisfied the condition, he is going to come. Triloki says Shivika will wed Alankar, this commitment won’t occur, Alankar is a Sanskari fellow. Shivika prepares. Triloki begins acting and asks in what capacity can the general population affront us. Devki asks what’s the issue.

Triloki says your family is in news. Kishore says I m not ready to get it. Triloki says in what capacity can Shivika work with Omkar before marriage. Shivika says I will converse with those individuals. He gets some information about Shalu’s marriage. He says Shivika won’t carry out the responsibility now. She says I can’t leave work, I need to pay advance. She says the house will pursue even you get hitched and go, disappear until marriage, do anything after marriage. Shivika goes. Kishore says amazing, you ought to be a performing artist. Omkar comes to meet Triloki.

He says I have organized 5 lakhs. Jagat, Mangal, and Nandu get the cash in sacks. Mangal says we are offering this to you. Triloki says I will tally it first. Omkar says fine, you can check it well. Triloki sits to check the coins. Omkar looks on. Jagat says Kundli dosh finished and even conditions are met, we should discuss commitment. Triloki says let me handle the issues of my home. Omkar says Shivika will take her very own choices, and we will regard it, we won’t compel her for anything. Shivika grins. Alankar gives modest encourages to the auto seller. He at that point charges cash.

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