Pyaar Ke Papad 1 May 2019 Written Update – Shivika & Omkar Part Ways

Written Update: Pyaar Ke Papad 1 May 2019 Written Update on

Date: 1st May 2019, The Episode begins with Alankar coming to Gupta and provoking him. Gupta battles. Omkar says my companion helped me in following father’s telephone, accompany me. He asks GST to return home. They see the police and stow away. Gupta endeavors to cover up and flee. Omkar yells to his father. Alankar gets Gupta. His telephone falls. Omkar says flag isn’t coming. Police comes there. Jagat and Mangal deceive the police. Alankar says its time for us to leave, I will return home, you will go up. He beats Gupta. Omkar hears a sound and goes to check. Omkar comes and stops Alankar. He battles Alankar and takes off the material off his face. Gupta yells to Omkar.

Omkar doesn’t see Alankar’s face. Alankar escapes. Jagat and Mangal accompany police. They see Gupta. Auditor asks who did this. Gupta says no, I was blindfold. Controller says don’t stress, a frantic criminal is killing elderly individuals nowadays. Gupta says possibly. Investigator sees Alankar proceeding to yell stop. Alankar runs. Gupta says I m happy to see all of you together. Omkar says we didn’t see how we three battled. Gupta says I comprehended, Triloki did this to stop Shivika and your marriage, he broke our family. He tells everything. Omkar says Triloki won’t acknowledge his error and deny, we will partition the house before him. Triloki requests that constable leave Shivika. Constable says indeed, Gupta is found.

Triloki stresses. Everybody gets Gupta home. Jaya requests that Maya get water. Everybody gazes at Triloki. Gupta asks Triloki did his work occur. Triloki says truly, Vaastu pujan is essential. Mangal says you realize somebody was endeavoring to break our family, he took our sign on clear paper unintentionally. Omkar says however we got spared by his approval. Triloki acts. They get some information about Omkar and Shivika’s marriage. Omkar says I will say what Triloki needs, this current house’s division, fine, I have separated this house. Jaya asks what is he saying. Omkar gives the papers. Jagat says we won’t acknowledge this division by heart. Triloki yells enough, I will never let Shivika wed in this house, I did this, I needed to break your solidarity, yet you didn’t self-destruct. Gupta says Shivika can’t show signs of improvement house than this. Triloki contends with them.

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