Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5 October 2020, Episode Written Episode, Piyush seeing the video!

Written Update: Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5 October 2020 episode.

Mayura says Omkar ji what are you thinking? He says I have a question and answer session so planning for that. She says alright. Omkar says you rest. Mayura gives him a flying kiss. Omkar reviews what ladies stated, that all young ladies lose magnificence. He says I am not drawing close to you Because I don’t need your magnificence to blur away. Different young ladies lose their excellence subsequent to the wedding yet I won’t let that occur.

Omkar takes a gander at Piyush seeing the video. Omkar requests that Piyush get him his document. He sits on the PC dn erases the video. Piyush returns. Omi isn’t there. Omkar comes there. Piyush says you scared me. Where did you go? Piyush says your record. Omkar says to Piyush go rest I will require you on the occasion tomorrow. He says I am fine. Omkar sees a fantasy. He awakens and says I won’t let this blessing from heaven. He says for what reason did I see Mayura was disappearing from me.

I will never allow this to occur. Piyush says to Omkar I prepared everything. Does he say for what reason would we say we are doing this occasion in the house? He says so I can remain nearby to Mayura. Manjali says call Sanjay where is he. These young men are so pointless. Manjali says Guru ji will come. His favors are consistent with us When we didn’t have anything, he was with us. Mayura comes. Manjali says come take prasad. Mayura blacks out. Omkar rushes to her. Everybody is stunned.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5 October 2020

Omkar takes Mayura to the bed. Does he say specialist what befell her? The doctor says I am checking. He says pick up the pace. Manjali says quietly down. Allow her to check. Omkar says mention to me what befell her. How could she faint? Show me your degree. He says Piyush calls another specialist. He gets a fit of anxiety. The specialist says she’s simply worn out. She’s fine.

Weddings are unpleasant. Omkar says I disdain myself. I was unable to think about her. Manjali says by what another method would you. You are the best spouse. He says no mama. Mayura has swooned. It’s my error. Consider the possibility that she drained and got a scar. Manjali says don’t consider what occurred. Sanjay says I got late. Omi will be distraught. He says to Megha you likewise come, you will meet Mayyura. Megha says pass you ought to go. She says pause, I will go. I will meet at Mayura.

Masterji comes. Manjali invites them. Manjali says please sit. You didn’t come in the wedding. He says Omi didn’t come. I appealed to God for him and called him. Manjali says I am grieved. He says I generally petition God for Omi. Manjali says Omi is constantly terrified something will occur. He says I let you know omkar doesn’t have love in his grasp. Manjali says he can’t survive without this young lady. if it’s not too much trouble help me. He draws something.

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