Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 21 Sep 2020: Episode Written Update, Why Mayura cries and screams?

Written Update: Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 21 Sep 2020 Episode.

The episode begins; Manjali hangs tight for her worker for Omkar’s prizes. Piyush crashes into him. He picks the papers. Manjali says Piyush can’t see these papers. Manjali says go from here. These are mine. She picks the clinical record. Manjali says I got so terrified. She carries the record to her room. Manjali says nobody can know this reality about Omkar. Megha opens her eyes. She sees her injury. She reviews the letter. Mayura comes there. She embraces Megha and cries. Mayura says I was so terrified. She calls everybody. Ashu says would you say you are alright? Does Mayura say for what reason did you do that? Imagine a scenario where something transpired. I never envisioned Kundan Jeju. Dadi says not Jeju.

Mayura says he’s sickening. We are happy you were spared. Dadi says let me take a hostile stare off her. Mayura says this is an odd notion. Dadi says no this is love. Mayura says if this is love, I will make a stink eye off her. Mayura does the custom and says I trust my di consistently grins. I trust she’s consistently glad. All my bliss turns into hers. She’s going to consume the flavors. Megha discards the plate. Everybody is stunned. Megha says you are the stink eye on me.

Omkar and Piyush do arm wrestling. Omkar says I truly love you however I will win. You will do all the preparation as a discipline. Piyush says that is a compensation for me. Piyush loses and says in heart I love losing from you. Omkar goes to accept a call. Shankar says you lost purposely right? HE says my success is in Omi’s success. Shankar says some of the time it’s essential to cause your friends and family to understand that thrashing is additionally a reality. Omkar returns. He says go get ready for the wedding. Piyush says yet Megha.. Omkar says the world is as yet running. I will fix it. Trust me.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 21 Sep 2020

Does Mayura say how is that my slip-up? On the off chance that Kundan was an appalling man, how is that my shortcoming? Ashu says she’s correct. She isn’t mindful. Does Megha say what is my deficiency at that point? Does anybody care about you? She got her cost beguiling. What did I get? He cherishes her so much yet she actually took my affection from me. She took hues from my life. She took my lone bliss from me. Surekha says please quiet down. Does Megha say you hear my shouts? Did you hear my murmurs?

Mayura says I never needed to make any issue in your life. Megha says your world is the container with all the jug tops. All men who dismissed me. Kundan left me as a result of you. That is your existence. Ashu says you’re harmed yet you can’t fault Mayura. She says you ought to have allowed me to bite the dust in the event that you are such a great amount about her.

Ashu says how might you talk about your passing before your folks. Did you at any point care what we experienced? Surekha says was your reality just marriage and not us? Ashu says Mayura has likewise heard the insults due to your magnificence. Try not to accuse her on account of that Kundan. Does Mayura say what is my flaw?

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