Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st Oct 2020: Episode Written Update, Piyush is worried!

Written Update: Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st Oct 2020 episode.

Today episode begins, Omkar says to Piyush you handle the work. I need to be here with Mayura. He says yet she’s at her place. Omkar says I must be with her constantly. Piyush says, sentimental person. He says it’s a major gathering. If you don’t mind coming. He says I couldn’t care less. Mayura is significantly more valuable to me. It’s alright regardless of whether there’s a misfortune.

He hangs up. Piyush says I won’t let any misfortune transpire. Mayura rests close to Megha. She says go there. Adhere to your better half. Mayura says no for what reason would I. Megha says go there. Does Mayura say how is Sanjay? She says that night. Mayura says Manjali mama disclosed to me a lot of beneficial things about him. Omkar thumps at the entryway.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st Oct 2020

He pulls Mayura. He says I can’t avoid me. Sit with me and have tea. Try not to disregard me or I won’t let you come here. She says you can’t stop me. He says I am not kidding. she says take me from here first. Ashu brings popcorn and says how about we play. Surekha says Mayura would be all cheerful. Omkar pulls Mayura and says how about we go.

He causes everybody to sit in the vehicle and says sit in the AC. Omkar says to everybody talk. For what reason is everybody quiet? Dadi says you have such a decent spouse. Omkar gets a call. He says would i be able to accept a call? He says yes I will do a live question and answer session. Everybody needs to come live. Ashu gets a call.

He says when will our light be reestablished? Not before morning? He gets out and says we should go. How long would we be able to sit in the vehicle? Mayura’s entryway is bolted. Omkar says express bye to everybody. He says we need to leave at 5:30. It’s 4, we can go. Mayura is befuddled. He holds her hand and says kindly don’t go. Ashu is holding her other hand.

Mayura is befuddled. Dadi says go with your better half. He treats you so well. Omkar drives and removes Mayura. Ashu says he didn’t let us address her. Omkar brings Mayura home. He says you’re vexed in light of the fact that I got you back home. It was so hot there. It wasn’t beneficial for you. He goes to his room. Manjali comes. Omkar goes to his room out of resentment and says I took her there in the lead position.

Piyush calls Ashu and says we will discover what happened to Mayura’s cousins. I have mentioned a video. Omkar strolls out of frustration. He leaves. Manjali says Omkar thinks about you. Spouses in this nation couldn’t care less about their wives until it’s evening time. You are so fortunate and you hurt him. Try not to do that once more. Omkar is irate in the room. He removes his shirt.

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