Patiala Babes 6 May 2019 Written Update – Babita Rides Pillion With Hanuman

Written Update: Patiala Babes 6 May 2019 Written Update on

Babita illuminates Nayeem Bi about educator recommending to take the therapist’s assistance for Minnie. Nayeem bi says instructor might not be right, Minnie simply needs some good-humored condition and some spoiling. Babita says Minnie went about as being upbeat commonly, however then her instructor educated about her issues. A bangle man/BM goes by singing and selling bangles. Nayeem Bi stops him and inquires as to whether he is Sartaj. BM says yes. Nayeem Bi approaches where he had been for such a significant number of days and requests that he get into Hanuman’s haveli. He complies. Nayeem Bi says now Minnie is gleam like bloom. Sartaj strolls into Hanuman’s haveli.

Hanuman asks who is he. He says he is Sartaj and taking Hanuman’s granddad’s name inquires as to whether it is his haveli. Hanuman says yes. Sartaj says his granddad used to dorn bangle in Hanuman’s grandma’s wrists and it is his family calling. Hanuman requests that he take U turn and leave. Sartaj begins his gabbing and applauding his bangles. Hanuman requests that he take his bangles and leave. Nayeem bi with Babita, Madhu, and Kammo stroll in and chide Hanuman on the off chance that he sends Sartaj out who will dorn them bangles, asks Babita to bring Minnie.

Sartaj dorns bangles in the entirety of women’s wrists playing with them. Hanuman vapor in outrage and requests that he leave. Nayeem Bi chastens him once more. Minnie descends. Sartaj dorns bangles in her wrists with his jolly talks. Minnie grins. Hanuman gets enthusiastic and discusses Imarati. Nayeem bi acclaims Imarati. Sartaj gives him bangles he got from dargah and says Hanuman will find a hobby accomplice again soon. Hanuman denies taking it, however, Sartaj demands and offers bangles to him.

Madhu and Kammo pay Sartaj for bangles. Babita approaches how much she needs to pay for her and Minnie’s bangles. Sartaj says he won’t take cash for young lady’s bangles now and will take cash when he makes her marry bangles. Minnie gets irate and says she won’t wed. He says she should tell this when she begins to look all starry-eyed, leaves from that point. Minnie indignantly tosses bangles yelling she detests marriage and love. Babita keeps running behind her.

Next morning, Babita is caught up with drying garments on the patio when Hanuman strolls in and inquires as to whether he can address little girl’s mom. Babita gestures yes. Hanuman says he got therapist’s number and she should fix an arrangement for Minnie. Babita inquires as to for what reason did he require so much exertion. He says he prior idea he would help mother and the little girl simply out of affability, later he created enthusiastic holding with Minnie and thinks about her as his girl, anxiously says on the off chance that she protests, he will stop.

Babita says Minnie likewise has built up a paternal bond with him and examines every one of her issues with him first rather than her mom. He requests that she take an arrangement at that point. She demands in the event that he can go with her. He concurs and leaves. After at some point, Babita leaves house and Hanuman in the wake of looking cars advises that there is a transport strike today. Babita inquires as to whether he can take her along in his bicycle. He anxiously asks in what capacity can he. She anxiously says she will sit pillion wearing head protector. He goes in to bring a protective cap. Nayeem bi with Madhu and Kammo returns and asks where is she going. She apprehensively lies that she is going to manage an account with Hanuman as today is transported strike. Nayeem bi requests to go soon at that point. Madhu and Kammo revile about Babita and Hanuman obviously.

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