Patiala Babes 6 June 2019 Written Update – Babita Worker Returns

Written Update: Patiala Babes 6 June 2019 Written Update on

HS mumbles her face fulfills him. Babita inquires as to whether he said something. Minnie enthusiastically descends holding PC and says Babita’s daal Pakwaan video became famous online and accumulated more than 25000 sees.

Patiala Babes 6 June 2019

HS inquires as to whether her mummy got viral, she looks fine. Minnie says Babes wound up well known. She peruses remarks, HS dislikes one remark and vapor that he will toss analyst behind bars. Minnie says it is a young lady of her age. HS strolls to his room saying he doesn’t see this. Minnie asks Babita to answer to every one of her fans. Babita does.

Ashok watches cooking recordings and discloses to Mita that individuals pass on unusual remarks. Mita inquires as to whether he is certain he needs to do this as Khatri seems to be a frightening man and he is recklessly determined bowed to overcome Babita rather than a solid challenge, they will lose more than picking up. Ashok requests that she unwind and says they have to acknowledge his business to pay their bills.

Next morning, Babita sees HS on the stairs and asks what is he doing here. He apprehensively says he needs to talk. She requests to talk at that point. He stands anxious. She says fine at that point. He apprehensively says men camouflaged ladies’ ID remark on Facebook and visit with ladies. She stands quietly. He says she is delightful and somebody remarked right, however individual perhaps a man.

Patiala Babes 6 June 2019

Ashok and Mita prepare for work. Sukhi says Ashok that he needs to talk. Ashok says he will talk later and is getting late. Sukhi says he should bolster creep, Khatri, as Babita and Minnie fabricated their business with diligent work; prior he double-crossed Babita for Mita as he fell in Mita’s adoration, presently he needs to destroy their diligent work, it isn’t right.

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