Patiala Babes 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Is Babita’s half mind is stuck?

Written Update: Patiala Babes 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Nayeem Bi/NB keeps selling Balli’s shop. Khatri offers 8.5 lakhs and flaunts no one has guts to offer so high. Babita enters and says 8.6 lakhs. Khatri offers 9, 9.5 lakhs. Babita offers 10 lakhs. Khatri flaunts it is a misfortune bargain. Babita says she needed to prevail upon him and would have paid even twofold or thrible value, she needed to show him a thing or two.

Minnie likewise insults Khatri. Nayeem hits hammer thrice for 10 lakhs offer and declares Babita as the proprietor of Balli’s shop. Back home, Minnie flies in bliss and reveals to Babita she sees everything pink and flying in air. Babita says she has gone frantic. Biji and Lovely stroll in. Minnie illuminates that she split 8 lakhs worth arrangement and got an oil organization sponsorship.

Patiala Babes 5 July 2019

Biji and Lovely get upbeat hearing this. Minnie advises that support needs Babita to do demonstrating for his oil ad. Biji gets a progressively glad hearing that. Stunning says Babita does not have earlier displaying knowledge, will she have the option to confront the camera. Babita gets apprehensive. Biji and Lovely energize Babita.

Minnie says Babes will be well known in entire Punjab soon. Flawless proceeds with her negative talks. Minnie says she has a job in that advertisement as lead model’s companion. Flawless energetically inquires as to whether she can act. Minnie jokes model’s companion will be as envious and negative as Lovely. Flawless vapor while Biji snickers. Minnie keeps provoking Lovely.

Next morning, picture takers come to shoot Babita’s pics. HS serves tea to the group. Laala insults him that he is serving tea to picture taker’s group and simply gazing at Babita, he is getting late for work. HS says asks police officers on obligation in station to proceed till he comes. Lala keeps insulting him. Babita stands holding cooking oil can. Picture taker instructs how to present, contacting her face.

Babita feels awkward. HS blows up observing picture taker contacting her and says he will proceed to waste him, yet Laala stops him. HS leaves smoldering. Minnie demands picture taker not to contact her Babes as she feels awkward, she will show Babes how to posture and gives proposals. Picture taker shoots according to her recommendation and says shots have come truly well. Their innovative head says it is Minnie’s ability and offers her activity in next task. Minnie celebrates.

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