Patiala Babes 31 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Proof for her Passport Application

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Minnie asks Babita to have nourishment at any rate for HS as he is likewise fasting and didn’t have anything till now. HS shies. Minnie says his woman constables were talking about what they will likewise request that their spouses keep quick like HS and be a perfect husband like him. She at that point attempts to encourage Babita. Babita says today’s spouse has nourishment from their husband’s hand.

Minnie insults her and requests that they feed one another. At NB’s home, Dadaji calls Biji to come and perform ceremonies. NB says she is occupied in her preferred sequential. Biji strolls in and says she performed customs alongside sequential champion. Dadaji insults on the off chance that she performed ceremonies for sequential saint rather than him.

Biji says for what reason would she as the sequential saint is of her child’s age and feels dismal thinking back her child Ashok. The two of them ask that their accomplice should leave the world before them. NB says just because she will be she a couple asking that their accomplice leave the world first rather than a long life.

Patiala Babes 31 October 2019

Biji says in youth they petition God for harmony and in mature age because of disease they ask their accomplice get alleviated from issues first. Minnie addresses Preet and says Babes is not quite the same as Rano carried on with an ensured life and Babita and is excessively delicate. Preet they say they are largely the same. HS strolls to Minnie and expresses gratitude toward her for agreeing with his position today.

Minnie says prior he used to support every one of her choices, presently he needs to deal with them. He inquires as to whether she is provoking him. She says kind of. HS detects her misery and inquires as to whether she is feeling the loss of her dad like he misses his dad despite the fact that he was harsh. Minnie concurs and says she needs to inquire as to whether he doesn’t consider addressing her or seeing her, and so forth with mournful eyes.

HS says she is tearing. Minnie says something fell in her eyes, she can’t pardon her dad for that he did to her mom. HS says each story has 2 sides and in the event that she will hear her out father’s side of the story. Minnie says she cherishes her mom a great deal and doesn’t figure her dad will come and legitimize, so let us overlook it.

Patiala Babes 31 October 2019

The next morning, Minnie goes running when Mickie on bicycle advises that he has taken the head’s consent and recorded her abroad application. Minnie asks when did he evacuate his hand mortar. He says yesterday. She says she wouldn’t like to go. He says she shouldn’t lament sometime down the road, so she ought to apply. She concurs. He says he needs her international ID.

She says it has a Khurana surname with the old location. He says she can change the address to HS’ house and ought to get Babita’s assent letter as address confirmation. Minnie says Babes will make dramatization and won’t let her go.

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