Patiala Babes 30 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Wife Ruksana Introduction

Written Update: Patiala Babes 30 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins, Minnie calls Preet home and says she is stuck among Babes and Dadu/Biji, she can’t deny Babes’ organization and can’t leave Dadu/Biji alone. She says NB’s child Irfan looked egotistical and remarked discourteously on Biji, in the event that she had her own home, she would have kept Dadu/Biji there. Preet inquires as to whether she will keep them here.

Minnie says this is HS’ house and not hers, she trusts on the off chance that she had her and Babes’ home where she could live unreservedly; they came here as inhabitant, at that point gradually Babes turned out to be a piece of HS’ life and this turned into Babes’ home; however Babes and HS state it is her home, she doesn’t feel the glow of a house and feel it will be a leased house consistently where she is an occupant.

HS comes back from obligation and seeing Babita lifting weight causes her. Babita says she has welcomed NB’s child and family for supper. HS asks where is Veer Balika. Babita says in her room, Preet had come to meet her at some point back, she feels Minnie isn’t strained in light of her tests yet something different, so HS ought to address her and discover the reason.

Patiala Babes 30 September 2019

Wedding arranger strolls in and hands over bills to HS. HS says he can come and gather cash tomorrow after Minnie checks them. Arranger gives him 2 CDs found outside. HS sees Babita and Ashok’s wedding video and the one Minnie made for HS and Babes. Babita says possibly CDs got traded and the honest girl needed to hold up under claims.

HS strolls to Minnie’s room thinking back Minnie’s gigantic trust on him, however, he charging Minnie without confiding in her. He asks Minnie to play the CD on her PC and watching it says CDs got traded. He sincerely apologizes Minnie and solicitations to excuse him. Minnie sincerely embraces him. HS says she is his most darling and he can’t be upbeat repelling her. He flags her to grin and she grins inwardly.

HS brings Minnie down grinning. Babita gets passionate seeing that. HS discloses to Babita that he had guaranteed Minnie that he will play out her graha pravesh with her mom, today the time has come to satisfy his guarantee. Babita plays out Minnie’s aarti and HS flag her to enter inside grinning. Minnie ventures inside the house while HS and Babita shower blooms on her.

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