Patiala Babes 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Minnie insists Babita to come out

Written Update: Patiala Babes 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Minnie making the most of Babita’s readied rajma chawal with Mickey discloses to him that they need worth words to characterize their image. Babita asks what does it mean. She says it resembles Babes help her to remember rajma chawal. Babita inquires as to whether she is rajma chawal.

Minnie clarifies one can have lodging sustenance for multi day or two, however the solace home prepared nourishment gives is awsome, particularly rajma chawal. Babita serves her more rajma chawal. Minnie says she got a thought and portrays motto Maa Sab Janti Hai/mother knows everything. Babita portrays her affections for sustenance and Minnie types it down on their site and expectations backers see it and approach to help.

Patiala Babes 3 July 2019

Hanuman Singh/HS contracts a celestial prophet and nourishing him bites requests to peruse his kundali. Celestial prophet says his graha dasha is turning out badly and Rahu ketu and shani are not to support him. HS approaches answer for that. He needs to make a stride himself.

HS calls Nayeem Bi/NB and clarifies his arrangement that he will apologize Babita by means of FM radio channel and NB should support him. NB asks in what capacity can she. He says she flaunted herself as his mom, however, does not have any desire to support her child. NB in her standard style reprimands him and consents to help. She strolls inside home and asks Babita to switch on FM as her preferred old melody program will come.

HS talks as visitor and says he needs to apologize his inhabitant. Babita distinguishes his voice. Host inquires as to whether he won’t uncover his or occupant’s name. HS says no as his occupant will distinguish him. He is sorry Babita saying his graha dasha was wrong, so he was discourteous to her in the first part of the day. He plays an old conciliatory sentiment tune. Babita changes channel. NB admonishes her to replay channel.

HS feels anxious reasoning if Babita pardoned him or not. Babita calls FM channel and uncovering her name says she isn’t unanymous like her home proprietor who is utilizing graha dasha to safeguard himself and won’t get absolution until he talks straightforwardly. She at that point requests to play Bholi Surat Dil Ke Khote… melody.. NB sits irately. HS feels tragic hearing Babita’s words and tune.

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