Patiala Babes 27 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Minnie returns from college

Written Update: Patiala Babes 27 August 2019 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins, Babita asks HS for what reason didn’t he stand up to Khatri. HS says it is waste to state him anything. Babita returns home and reprimands Minnie for contracting Khatri for dealing with her wedding. Minnie says Khatri himself offered bundle, so she couldn’t deny him. Babita cautions not to contract Khatri and to take Laala’s assistance. Minnie concurs and keeps talking when HS enters and says Minnie will deal with everything, she need not stress; jokes that it would be energizing on the off chance that she would procure Khatri for occasion the executives. Mickey enters and says panditji is holding back to discover wedding muhurath.

Pandit checks HS and Babita’s kundalis and inquires as to whether they gave their parent’s kundali accidentally. Minnie indicates they are outline lady of the hour and man of the hour. Pandit inquires as to why they are wedding at this age. Minnie cautions him to mind his business and discover wedding date, else leave. Mickey asks Pandit too discover date soon on the off chance that he needs dakshina/expenses. Pandit requests to give him some time. Minnie keeps seething.

Patiala Babes 27 August 2019

HS strolls aside with Babita and says he will junk Pandit for offending them, they are lady of the hour and groom and not guardians. Babita says Pandit didn’t utter a word wrong, she is Minnie’s mom and Khatri’s insults are additionally right. HS attempts to brighten her up and says better they can begin live-in relationship. She reprimands what trash, what will individuals say. HS says for what reason to try regarding individuals and sings Kuch To Log Kahenge Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna… melody. He proceeds and says he simply needs to brighten her up and needs to see her continually grinning.

Minnie procures beauticians. Babita sees excellence items and what is this. Minnie says magnificence items and these are best beauticians, Preet discovered them. She asks Babita to simply unwind and pick anything she desires to as she should look best. Beautician says Babita’s skin is brilliant and she will gleam more with their cosmetics. Babita strolls into live with them. They begin her nail treatment and examine that Minnie not to make her mom feel humiliated and to make her vibe loose.

Babita says Minnie isn’t just her little girl, however her closest companion. They proceed with that she is fortunate that her little girl is masterminding her marriage, marriage doesn’t occur at this age in Patiala and it is strange for them, when she took separate, and so forth. Babita thinks back Khatri and Pandit’s harsh words and leaves room indignantly. Beauticians stroll behind her and solicitation to finish her cosmetics. Minnie asks Babita what occurred. Babita says she needn’t bother with this and requests that beauticians leave. Minnie seeing Babita’s determination likewise requests that they leave.

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