Patiala Babes 26 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Khatri taunts Babita

Written Update: Patiala Babes 26 August 2019 Episode Written Update on

Today episode starts, HS says he understood that he needs to move toward becoming Neelkanth and devour toxic substance to play out little girl’s mom’s Samudra Manthan; he feels by what method will he live in the event that he holds such a great amount of toxin in his throat. He leaves while Laala stands thinking.

Minnie thinks back both HS and Babita’s words and keeps in touch with her journal; Dear journal, her Babes is her closest companion and she shared everything with her till now, yet to be respected, she is befuddled, so she is composing it on journal; she felt HS will give the affection Babes merits which papaji proved unable, however in the event that conscience comes in the middle of, imagine a scenario where Babes breaks her task/relationship like Poonam aunt told.

Patiala Babes 26 August 2019

She frustratedly tears paper and composes again that she is cheerful seeing Babita heading into a new life and if HS can’t keep her glad, she is with Babes to keep her upbeat; her Babes is blossoming like bloom; she, HS, and Babes will live joyfully ever after as a little and charming family. NB calls dress merchant to purchase Babita’s garments. Dress merchant demonstrates numerous dresses adulating their complex work. NB chooses one dress. Minnie chooses another and says Babes will look brilliant in it. She sees Babita’s eyes looking through HS, goes to overhang and calls HS. HS attempting to begin his bicycle outside house picks call.

Minnie requests to take a gander at the gallery. HS asks what is she doing here as opposed to choosing dresses, she should choose an excellent princess dress. Minnie requests that he come and select dresses for her at that point. He says she can take her mom’s assistance. She says her mom is sitting unfortunately and she won’t support her. HS says he needs to go to police headquarters soon. Minnie says she realizes what occurred between them yesterday, he realizes Babes acts whimsically once in a while, she realizes HS will do without it and the two of them can keep Babes cheerful.

HS says she is extremely the most ravishing young lady. She requests to come in soon at that point. NB reveals to Minnie that Babita isn’t choosing anything, don’t have a clue what she needs. Babita jabbers. Minnie says she realizes what Babes needs and picks a red dress, flagging HS. HS hits spoon twice flagging it is decent. Babita grins and says it is great. NB likewise grins seeing that. Minnie gives various dresses a shot Babita and HS hits soon twice for the ones he loved and once the one he doesn’t. Babita chooses the one he loves and rejects others.

After once in a while, Khatri employs bajewalas/artists and plays music before Minnie, Preet, and Mickey. Minnie says this band won’t work in her Babes’ wedding. Khatri says these are Patiala’s best performers. Mickey jokes with Khatri and inquires as to whether he doesn’t sentiment her. Kammo says he has not given him even a rose till now. Minnie communicates what she prefers. Khatri says he will mastermind it, however, the cost will increment, would she be able to spend to such an extent. Minnie says its her Babes’ wedding and she needs best. Khatri says he will mastermind the best. Minnie keeps visiting with Preet.

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