Patiala Babes 24 September 2019 Written Episode Update – Babita Serves Favorite Food

Written Update: Patiala Babes 24 September 2019 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins, Minnie asks HS for what reason did he prevent her from gathering her grandparents by supporting Babes. HS requests that she comprehend Babita’s circumstance, she isn’t in a situation to get it. Minnie asks not to belittle Babes, she can get anything. HS says he doesn’t need any bahu to cry in this haveli as he guaranteed his mom. Minnie says and still, at the end of the day. Babita serves their preferred sustenance with jaggery.

Minnie inquires as to for what reason is this jaggery for. Babita says HS made a standard that they will talk just truth in this house from hereon. Minnie asks HS for what good reason he is requesting that her untruth at that point. HS says she won’t get it. Biji and Dadaji reveal to NB that they need to go out. NB inquires as to whether they are harmed with any of her words unconsciously. Dadaji says for what reason would he have any issue in his sister’s home, he is worried about the manner in which Lovely carried on with her because of her harsh tongue.

Patiala Babes 24 September 2019

NB guarantees that she didn’t feel terrible at all and seeing Biji still quiet asks the reason. Biji says they don’t need Babita and Minnie to battle as a result of them, so they need to go far away so that Minnie doesn’t contact them. Dadaji says as of now they have confronted great deal lowliness as a result of their youngsters and can’t hold up under one more that they grabbed a girl from a mother. NB in the event that they suspect as much, she won’t stop them, yet she needs to disclose to them that Babita is a getting mother, she feels they shouldn’t go as Minnie needs passionate help separated from Babita.

Patiala Babes 24 September 2019

Babita strolls into Minnie’s room while she is caught up with considering. Minnie asks what is she doing here. Babita says she revealed to Lovely that she fears to rest alone. Minnie says she realizes that she said that to call her home. Babita says she may require sustenance around evening time and at any rate she will squirm her hair while she is contemplating. Minnie says she doesn’t need her to canal boat on her protection and demands to proceed to rest in HS’ room. Babita makes a decent attempt to persuade her, yet Minnie powerfully takes her out and bolts entryway requesting that her not aggravate her security. Babita strolls into HS’ room apprehensively. Minnie grins.

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