Patiala Babes 24 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Ashok Verbally Abuses Mita & tries

Written Update: Patiala Babes 24 June 2019 Written Episode Update on

Ashok freight boats into Babita’s home and shouts at Babita that she is envious of his recently hitched life and is meddling in his life. Minnie cautions how could he is to address his Babes like this. Ashok yells back how could she is to send messages to Mita and keeping contact with her. Babita slaps Minnie. Ashok grins and leaves. At Khurana house, Mita looks through her versatile and inquires as to whether she saw her portable. Biji anxiously says she saw Ashok perusing her and Minnie’s messages and leaving the house with portable, breaking water mug.

Mita surges towards Babita’s home. Babita stands up to Minnie and chides her for become friends with Mita and letting Ashok verbally misuse and claim her while she herself urges her to be battle for herself and not endure Ashok’s garbage. She proceeds chiding her when Mita strolls in and says Mita is a pleasant young lady and she flaunted her ethical quality today, Babita ought not to reprimand Minnie and ought to be glad to have a little girl like her. Babita returns and says in light of Mita and Minnie, she needed to get notification from Ashok.

Patiala Babes 24 June 2019

Mita attempts to put in her point, yet Babita cautions her to escape the house. Mita, unfortunately, leaves the house. Babita then vents out her displeasure on Minnie once more. Minnie hurries to her room and falls on the bed crying. Babita comforts her and clarifies her view. Minnie cries embracing her, and the two of them accommodate. Ashok returns home and gets some information about Mita. Biji says she went to Babita’s home behind him. He irately yells. Mita returns home. Ashok verbally manhandles her.

She with shuddering voice says he doesn’t have appropriate to affront her. He bolts her into her room as a discipline while she argues to open the entryway. Babita cuts onion in the kitchen thinking back Ashok’s claims. Minnie strolls to her. Babita says she is planning onion pakoras for her. Minnie says she realizes she is crying thinking back the present occasion. Babita says Ashok asserted that she is attempting to break her recently wedded life, all her past came as a flashback before her eyes, she wants to feel a similar mortification once more. She keeps spilling her feelings out. Minnie reassures her.

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