Patiala Babes 20 June 2019 Written Update – Ashok checks Minnie’s message on Mita

Written Update: Patiala Babes 20 June 2019 Written Update on

Ashok prepares to meet Khatri. Mita asks where is he going as of now. He says to help Khatri plan handouts for his race battle. Mita says he handles Khatri’s providing food business, at that point why he is going over the edge and helping law breaker like Khatri. Ashok shouts he needn’t bother with her consent and isn’t her slave. Mita says neither one of the she is his slave. He proceeds with verbally mishandling her and exits smoldering while she keeps on halting him futile. She thinks back Minnie’s words.

Patiala Babes 20 June 2019

Minnie records Babita’s samosa cooking video and requests that Mickey taste and acclaim it. He does. Babita addresses her fans that they perceived how delectable this samosa is and they can set it up for their better half like Mickey will. Preet enters and yells what.. in stun. Minnie signals her to quiets down and in the wake of shooting video clarifies that Mickey’s folks have fixed his coalition.

Babita says early marriage is regular in Pind. Preet requests that Mickey drop her home, and he denies. She insults he would help Minnie of course. Minnie requests that he drop Preet. Mickey says just in the event that she is sorry. Preet says never. Babita says she knows to drive scooty now and will drop Preet home. They jump on scootie when 2 spoilt rascals eve bother them. Preet stands up to. Babita recommends all her calm. The two of them return and dash away grabbing Preet’s dupatta. Preet yells at them. Babita solidifies in stun.

Intoxicated Ashok returns home with Khatri and thumps entryway noisily. Flawless attempts to open it, however Mita stops her. Exquisite contends. Dadaji and Biji turn out hearing entryway thump. Mita illuminates that Ashok gets back home intoxicated day by day and convict Khatri brings him, so she wouldn’t like to open entryway. Beautiful shouts that Mita’s wrong choice will stigmatize them in the public arena.

Dadaji says Mita is correct, let Ashok be outside home and become familiar with an exercise. Biji likewise back him. Asho keeps thumping entryway and Khatri incites him against Mita and his family. Mita thinks back her dad cautioning her against wedding Ashok saying Ashok can sell out even her as he betrayed Babita.

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