Patiala Babes 2 April 2019 Written Update – Minnie to Apologize her Mother?

Written Update: Patiala Babes 2 April 2019 Written Update, here on

Rano keeps mortifying Babita and Minnie and hollers she found a decent union for Preet to get her freed off Minnie, however at this point Kittu called and educated he wouldn’t like to wed Preet on the off chance that she proceeds with her kinship with Minnie. Preet is stunned to hear that. Minnie says she cautioned Preet that Kittu is certainly not a correct man, it is better she separates this union. Rano begins shouting at Minnie next. Minnie returns her. Preet gets enraged and cautions Minnie to apologize to her mom. Minnie says she will if Rano apologizes Babita and Hanuman. Ranno shouts she will never apologize.

Minnie says she will likewise not apologize at that point. Preet cautions in the event that she doesn’t, she will break their fellowship. Minnie says fine at that point. Preet asks Rano to educate Kittu that she broke her companionship with Minnie and leaves. Minnie indignantly closes entryway hollering to leave. Babita requests that Hanuman accomplish something. Hanuman says youngsters can’t comprehend anything right now and he won’t meddle between 2 companions. Babita endeavors to quiet down Minnie and inquires as to whether she needs to as she lost her companionship. Minnie says for what reason should she, it is Preet’s misfortune. Next morning, Minnie asks Babita to set up her morning meal as she is getting late to class. Bobby calls her rehashed and she disengages call.

Babita gives her morning meal, and Minnie exits for school. Hanuman addresses her and recommends to examine well and in the event that somebody endeavors to cloth, document FIR, he will take care straight away. Kittu strolls to her and inquires as to whether Preet did not come. Minnie cautions him to stop his dramatization and get out. He says she needed to incite Preet against him, presently she is out of Preet’s life. Hanuman tongue-lashes him and shoos him away. He proposes her to fix up with Preet as her companion is furious on her, she can disclose her to avoid Kittu. Babita tragically educates Nayeem about Minnie and Preet’s fellowship separation and says she must be Minnie’s companion now. Nayeem Bi says she is landing late for her position and should pick up the pace. Babita hurries to prepare.

Minnie achieves school and gets some information about the BA class. Understudy says the first address is at 11 p.m. Minnie presents herself and says let us go to the container. Understudy says she saw her amid photography and karate rivalry, entire school knows her; she can’t accompany her as she is from Preet’s gathering and everybody thinks about their separation. Minnie strolls to Preet and attempts to clarify that Kittu is certifiably not a correct kid for her. Preet shouts that since her dad was not faithful to her mom, everybody will be backstabbing with their life accomplice s, cautions to quit meddling in her life as she is as of now confronting issues in light of her.

Babita goes for another tutor work. House proprietor welcomes her in and requests that his better half dominate. Spouse requests that the husband remains with her till she talks with Babita. He says he wouldn’t like to meddle between ladies, so she should deal with it. Spouse goes in to give him a lunchbox. Another house cleaner solicits Babita to take care of the infant as she is contracted for that. Spouse turns out and asks Babita to sit. Babita sits on a couch. Spouse gets irate. House cleaner asks Babita to sit on the floor as it is their perfect spot, the couch is for proprietors. Babita stands delighted.

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