Patiala Babes 19 June 2019 Written Update – Minnie suggests Mita to take charge

Written Update: Patiala Babes 19 June 2019 Written Update on

HS enters and says it is Rubina and gives NB’s significant other and child’s names. He recalls Laala’s recommendation not to keep into Babita’s eyes and talk, so he wears googles and pivots. Babita demands to investigate her eyes and talk and expels his goggles saying who wears goggles at home. He wears a towel all over. She asks what’s happening with him and pulls towel, it hips his eyebrow and it swells up.

She demands to demonstrate his eyebrow and applies an icepack on it, at that point inquires as to for what reason is he concealing his face. He reminds her about facebook remark episode and she blowing up on him. She says she was kidding and pulled a trick on him like he and Minnie pulled a trick on her. HS unwinds. Babita says pulling legs is regular among companions. HS gets a glad hearing that.

Patiala Babes 19 June 2019

Mita hangs tight for Ashok till late night and opens entryway hearing entryway ringer. Khatri brings intoxicated Ashok home who strolls in jabbering. Mita asks what’s going on. Khatri says Ashok got intensely intoxicated, so he brought him home and attempts to pass on the indecent remark on her. She cautions him to leave.

Makhan/Mickey strolls to Minnie and illuminates that her dad needs him to choose a young lady for marriage and has sent one. Babita hears that and says he is as yet a kid and has not developed at this point for marriage. Mickey says she is correct, he wouldn’t like to wed so early however his papaji requested and Pind fathers simply request. He proceeds with his trial and requests that how meet a young lady.

Minnie orders how a young lady’s mom presents her little girl. Mickey asks Babita what did she feet Ashok when they initially met. Babita says samosas. Mickey says she ought to transfer samosa making a video at that point. Babita enthusiastically concurs. Next morning, Mita stands up to Ashok for returning home late night intoxicated. Ashok shouts at her that he is strained seeing her discourteous conduct and hates to address her.

Their contention proceeds. Ashok as normal uses fowl language and keeps hollering at Mita. Minnie with Mickey sits for video altering and sees her camera battery dead. She chooses to acquire camera from her facebook companions who have camera. Mita while cooking thinks back Ashok’s trouble making and consumes her finger. She sits on feasting seat unfortunately when she gets Minnie’s camera solicitation and calling Minnie offers her DLSR camera, yet Minnie inconsiderately rejects.

Minnie contacts every one of her companions, yet does not get any assistance. Mickey says they can shoot from versatile camera. Minnie says they won’t get quality video. Babita returns home subsequent to shopping samosa basic food item and says she is eager to demonstrate her ability to all her facebook companions. She goes up for arrangement. Minnie says they will transfer video today at any expense.

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