Patiala Babes 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Minnie who Taught her

Written Update: Patiala Babes 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

Laala brings milk and welcomes Babita. Babita says she will get ready tea for HS and he need not stress. Laala says he came to wish good karma to Minnie for her test. Babita gets anxious that Minnie didn’t wake up yet and hurrying to Minnie awakens her and reminds her about her test. Minnie gets miserable acknowledging despite everything she doesn’t recollect her birthday.

Babita asks what occurred, Minnie gestures nothing. Minnie then prepares for tests and leaves without eating, revealing to HS that she is getting late for test and is conveying apple. Babita brings sweet curd for Minnie, and HS says she previously left. Minnie meets her grandparents who wish her glad birthday and inquire as to whether she praised her birthday with Babita well, they needed to call and wish her at 12 however didn’t dread Babita. Minnie says they ought to have called.

Patiala Babes 15 October 2019

Biji approaches what unique did Babita gets ready for her birthday. Minnie says a table loaded with dishes. Dadaji endowments his extraordinary old pen and Biji asks what should she blessing. Minnie says she can bolster sweet curd. Biji bolsters sweet curd and the two of them wish Minnie good luck for her test and see her off. Babita watches it from the overhang and feels pitiful. Minnie asks what happened now.

She says Minnie abandoned having sweet curd, something is irritating her without a doubt. Dispatch kid conveys Babita’s online package which Laala gets. Babita pancis understanding its Minnie’s birthday today. Laala asks how might she overlook her little girl’s birthday. HS says great she recalled before birthday finished. Babita says she will call her.

HS recommends not to as Minnie must drive scooty, she calls clarify her when she returns home. Babita alarms that Minnie must be disillusioned that her mom overlooked her birthday and inquires as to whether she came the previous evening to converse with her. HS recollects Minnie the previous evening demanding to meet Babita.

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