Patiala Babes 14 October 2019 Written Update – Babita Invites Friends

Written Update: Patiala Babes 14 October 2019 Written Update on

The episode begins, Babita reveals to HS that great Irfan got back home and understood his error, presently NB is glad to go through at some point with her grandson as she adores him a ton. HS says his companions need a gathering from him as h didn’t welcome them for the wedding, so he needs her authorization.

Babita says he can welcome them. He says it will be riotous for her to deal with such a significant number of visitors, so he will call them in the 6 to 7 man cluster. She says he can call them without a moment’s delay, however, she will serve Navratri nourishment. He says whatever she plans has an aftertaste like amrita.

Mickey reminds Minnie it’s her birthday tomorrow and they can party. Minnie says they can party after tests and enthusiastically depicts how Babita used to go about as overlooking her birthday and shock her every birthday. Biji says even they used to act with Babita and shock Minnie.

Patiala Babes 14 October 2019

Minnie says at the point when she was a child, she used to battle with Babita when she acted, yet used to get exceptionally cheerful, she is extremely energized during the current year’s Babita’s astonishment. Babita while cutting vegetables feels she overlooked something. NB asks what it slipped she’s mind. Babita says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea, yet she unquestionably overlooked something significant.

NB says she is worried after all the ongoing wedding and different occasions and ought to proceed to rest. Babita says she is fine. NB says she should focus on her providing food business moreover. Babita says she has a ton of work at home and this evening HS’ companions are desiring evening gathering, NB and Kammo can oversee cooking while Minnie can oversee customers, she will get them new formula if need be and simply needs to make the most of her conjugal stage.

NB says she is absolutely engrasped in her hitched life. Babita says like NB proposed she snatched satisfaction with her open hands and is appreciating the inclination of getting engrasped in somebody’s life, she is thoroughly getting a charge out of HS’ love and consideration towards her, and so forth. NB quietly hears her smilingly.

Khatri in his office checks account and gets befuddled. Kammo strolls in holding her back and requests that he rub her back. Khatri asks her not to upset while figuring costs. Kammo says he hasn’t earned since 3 months and house is running on her compensation. Khatri changes his tone and spoils her.

Kammo says Babita has made her a hireling and making her try sincerely while she is getting a charge out of entire benefit alone, she is as yet caught up with making the most of her special night with HS. Khatri recommends for what reason don’t she purchase Babita’s matter of fact and appreciate the entire benefit alone. Kammo says Minnie deals with all accounts and oversees customers, she doesn’t let even a solitary paisa sneak away.

Khatri says then one ought to take a break among Babita and Minnie and separate them. Kammo asks in what capacity will he. He says not him, another person will. HS returns home and inquires as to whether she arranged gala. Babita says she is having serious cerebral pain and couldn’t get ready nourishment, she is even worried about Minnie’s conduct, so perhaps he is having a migraine, therefore.

HS says when she has her own cooking administration, why she is stressing. He embraces her and asks her not to stress. He gives nourishment request. NB plans nourishment with partners and when Kammo returns reproves her to begin working soon as they have to convey another request in 2 hours. Kammo mumbles shouting at Babita and inquires as to whether they can get an offer in benefit.

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