Patiala Babes 12 November 2019 Episode Written Update – Ashok Divorced her?

Written Update: Patiala Babes 12 November 2019 Episode Written Update on

Minnie discloses her circumstance to Mickey and Preet and says she doesn’t have a clue what to do. Mickey recommends her to acknowledge grant and go from here. Minnie says Babita is fouling up and she needs to stop her. Mickey says its Babita’s choice and she has just settled Biji and Dadaji’s lives, so she need not stress over them. Minnie calls HS and says she needs to talk something significant.

HS says he recognizes what she needs to state, ladies should be free, and so forth., however she ought to comprehend his circumstance and when Babita wouldn’t like to tune in, what would he be able to do. Minnie gets some information about the guarantees he made and his position to help the truth. HS keeps on clarifying his circumstance and should he advise Babita to deal with herself and her little girl and to turn into a terrible spouse.

Minnie says she read a precept in a book that the best spouses set up their wives for widowhood and get some information about it. HS comes all the way back and says he needs to pull back his exchange as an alternative. Babita inquires as to whether Minnie constrained him to do this. HS says she didn’t and it is just a choice. Minnie strolls in, and Babita reproves her.

Patiala Babes 12 November 2019

HS asks not to chide kid. Babita says then she ought to carry on like a child and not meddle between older folks, hollers at Minnie that if HS drops move, he won’t get advancement and Minnie needs to grab HS’ sense of pride. Minnie says she didn’t do anything. Babita hollers why she needs to ruin her glad wedded life and wouldn’t like to see her upbeat. Minnie inquires as to for what reason would she think that way. HS says he simply kept a choice. Babita keeps hollering if Minnie needs to break her wedded life.

HS requests that her quiet down. Khatri rings ringer and strolls in with property papers. HS inquires as to for what reason did he come here. HS discloses to Babita that he brought his last offer, yet it appears as though he came at an off-base time, so he will come later. Babita calls him and asks to tell for what good reason did he come. Khatri says his last offer is 2.15 lakhs.

Babita requests that he give him pen and paper. Khatri hands her over pen and papers. Minnie and HS demand her to think well and afterward take a choice. Babita says she has taken her choice and won’t move under anybody’s weight.

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