Patiala Babes 10 October 2019 Written Update – What Mickey asks Minnie?

Written Update: Patiala Babes 10 October 2019 Written Update on

The drama starts, Minnie says she vowed to adapt up terrible occasions and not to be cheerful. Mickey says let us celebrate in Mickey’s style. They board a truck and play with grass in fields. In police headquarters, Laala trusts that HS will return before completion obligation. HS returns and inquires as to whether he recorded a settlement provocation case.

Laala inquires as to whether Minnie is found. HS says not yet and Babita feels he didn’t turn into Minnie’s dad yet. Laala says he adores Minnie in excess of a dad. HS says yet couldn’t turn into her dad. Laala says it requires some investment and Babita ought to get that. HS says that is the issue. Minnie returns home. Babita asks where was she entire day and for what good reason is she wandering with Mickey, by what means will he wed occur with such awful notoriety. Minnie says it will happen when it needs to and she will discover her man like Mita did.

Patiala Babes 10 October 2019

Babit asks what she implies. Minnie says that is the thing that she told toward the beginning of the day. Minnie says whatever she legitimizes, individuals point fingers at her, adolescent children youthfully act, and so forth. Their contention proceeds. Minnie then composes journal that impressions are profoundly engraved on our psyches; she had diverse pictures of Babes in adolescence, however now it has changed and it harms, for what reason wouldn’t she be able to recognize dearness clearly now.

Biji with Dadaji strolls to Minnie and offer her jalebis. Minnie says they are extraordinary. Dadaji inquires as to whether her state of mind is fine. Minnie says yes. Biji says she had a contention with Babita. Minnie says its standard mother-little girl contact and they accommodated. Dadaji says great to hear that. After at some point, HS with Babita strolls to Minnie and inquires as to for what reason did she get into mischief with her mom. Babita says she did. HS says this house has a place with him and Babita and they have given her opportunity as a little girl, yet she shouldn’t abuse it, else he won’t let her in his home, and so on.

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