Nimki Vidhayak Written Update

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Nimki Vidhayak 13 September 2019

Nimki Vidhayak Written Update

Ganga says we will discuss sustenance spending plan from tomorrow. she asks Mishra to orchestrate all the MLAs. she says we host their kin in our gathering. Take list from Shankar. They all leave. Ganga asks Mishra to remain. she says eat with us. Is everything alright? He says yes.

Does Ganga say how is your better half and sister? He says fine. Does Ganga say something happened to Radhika? He says she has fallen for a person from a low class. Ganga says it doesn’t make a difference today. He says it is important to me. radhika was my capacity and now she is my shortcoming presently like Parag to you.

Sweeti offers cash to Nimki. She says for Annaro’s treatment. Nimki says Abhi sends cash from your name. sweeti says he never let me know. Nimki says you would be distraught. Nimki says she needs your affection. Sweeti says I cannot do that. I can’t have a heart like you.

Abhi says Nimki come, we need to step through your examination. He asks Nimki would you say you are MLA? Nimki says yes I am with my voters. However, I give Mono time as well. Abhi says state that you give complete consideration. Nimki says Ramla is with Mono.

Abhi asks how might you make him study? Nimki says on the off chance that he doesn’t ponder I would send him to fields. Sweetie says don’t state that. Nimki’s telephone rings. It is Ganga. Nimki calls to monitor and says I revealed to you the observer’s name. You didn’t call him? He says let us do our work. Mono says how about we eat. Nimk says wouldn’t you be able to see I am stressed.

Nimki Vidhayak Written Update

Mintu says we could tell the police. Dadi says no including in police cases. You took her to the emergency clinic. You don’t have to do whatever else. Mintu says I feel terrible. Dadi says who is she to you? He says she should be somebody’s mom. She grinned taking a gander at me as though I am her child.

Dadi says you aren’t her child. He says you never revealed to me whose child am I? They passed on when I was conceived. Babbu kicked the bucket. Ramla says you have a real existence ahead. You lost a tyke as well. Dadi says I am insufficient to you? Mintu says it isn’t that.

He says dadi overlook it, how about we eat. Entryway thumps. It’s the police. Reviewer says you have to accompany us. Dadi says he didn’t do anything. Mintu says it is for states as it were. Dadi says to his companions go with him.

Mono dresses like Nimki. Ramla says what’s happening with you? He says I am Nimki. I am not kidding. I won’t’ eat today. Nimki grins and embraces him. Mintu gives his announcement. He says this lady was taking a name Babbu. He says who is babbu/mintu says I don’t realize I even don’t have the foggiest idea about that lady.

I took her to the clinic. I disclosed to you the quantity of the vehicle. Overseer says she is an MLA Nimki’s relative. Nimki sees Mono dozing. Ramla says Ram would see you like and would make you grin. Nimki says mono has grown up. Ramla says discover somebody for yourself. Nimki says how about we go to Goa.

Mintu’s companion says Minutu likes Nimki. Constable says that vehicle is Ganga’s child’s Parag’s. Babu says gracious that was Ganga’s child. Go capture him. Controller says go from here at this point. Try not to discuss the case it is confounded at this point. They leave.

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