Nimki Vidhayak 7 November 2019 Episode Written Update – Dadi Beats Goons?

Written Update: Nimki Vidhayak 7 November 2019 Episode Written Update on

Shukla’s goon calls Nimki and says Minto’s dadi is in our kidnapping. Nimki says my Dadi? you are a trick. Goon says yes. Nimki says on the off chance that you execute her, at that point, I should organize her last ceremonies. Mauha comes there and tumbles down. Nimki races to her and asks what was the deal? Mauha says a few goons were attempting to abduct me and an elderly person helped me.

Goon says we ought to send a video to Nimki. Mauha discloses to Nimki that a Dadi spared me and asked me to out of control, Nimki says like a champion? Mauha says she requested that I run. Nimki gets a video of Dadi. Mauha watches it and says she spared my life. Nimki says this is Minto’s Dadi, they thought she is my Dadi. Goon calls Nimki and says let us know, on the off chance that you will decide in favor of Shukla or not? Nimki parts of the bargains is strained.

Nimki Vidhayak 7 November 2019

Shukla’s supervisor slaps his goon and says you abducted Minto’s Dadi? Dadi says beat him more. The supervisor requests that his goon reveals to Nimki that her Dadi is with us. Mauha asks who is Minto? Nimki says nothing, they need me to decide in favor of Shukla, for what reason did you go there. Mauha says this is all incident as a result of your inept vote. Tunee says let her think. Mauha says that the lady is there due to her. Nimki says let me think. Dumri requests that her spare Dadi. Nimki feels that Minto won’t extra me on the off chance that anything happens to his Dadi.

Nimki asks Tunee to pick and drop Mono from the school. Mauha says they can hijack him as well. Nimki says he isn’t valuable for them. Mauha says you couldn’t care less about anybody. Minto’s companion goes into Nimki’s home and sees a young lady in the room. It’s Mauha. He doesn’t see her face. Mauha hears a clamor yet doesn’t discover anybody and leaves her room.

Nimki Vidhayak 7 November 2019

Abhi and Sweety go to Nimki’s home. Abhi says Shukla is assaulting you, you can’t stay quiet. Nimki says the police will do nothing, we need to hold up till decisions occur. Abhi says to imagine a scenario in which something happens to Dadi. We can’t trifle with this, they are perilous individuals, we need insurance. Dumri says don’t tune in to Nimki.

Nimki says I realize that the police will do nothing, I won’t let them hurt my family, I can comprehend Minto’s torment and I won’t let anything happen to his Dadi. Minto’s companion stows away and believes that I need to seize Nimki’s sister to spare Dadi. All of a sudden lights go off. Tunee discovers Minto’s companion and gets him. Nimki comes there and says you?

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