Nimki Vidhayak 5 October 2019 Episode Written Update – What Mintu says to Nimki?

Written Update: Nimki Vidhayak 5 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

Mintu gets back home and sees the juice glass. Does he say what is this? I asked you not to give dadi snacks. They state dadi didn’t allow us to rest. She requested this. Vishnu awakens dadi. Does she say you came? I won’t converse with you. Abhi says did she eat? Nimki says yes she did. Sweeti says how? Nimki says she needed to see babbu. So I got her Babbu. Abhi says what? Sweeti says he is dead.

Nimki says I mean, I brought a person and said he is babbu. He changed face in plastic medical procedures. Abhi says you are a joke. Sweeti says the room was dim. Ramla says so she eats at any rate. Nimki says elena, give me nourishment. I am ravenous. Abhi says let me bring.

Sweeti takes a gander at Nimki. Nimki says don’t stress. I caused your mother to eat. Sweet says she continues taking Babbu’s name. You should be so vexed. You get distraught at me? Nimki says your outrage is advocated. I saw Babbu kicking the bucket in Annaro’s lap.

Nimki Vidhayak 5 October 2019

I saw Gennaro crying. I have no compassion for Annaro. I am just dealing with the mother in her. Abhi brings nourishment. Abhi says we need to meet the kid you appeared as Babbu. Nimki reviews Mintu. Nimki says he progressed admirably.

Mintu says dadi please eat. I got your laddu from the sanctuary. I am worn out. Does Dadi say who requested that you go with her? Mintu says that lady wasn’t well. Dadi says did police come? Avoid her. These clergymen are narrow-minded. He says she is just a harmed lady.

Consider the possibility that it was my mother. Dadi is quiet. He says I had an inclination that I met my mother. How did my mother kick the bucket? What was the deal? Dadi reviews Ganga. Dadi says give me laddu. Mintu gives her the laddu. She sees Ganga’s photograph in the paper. Dadi says I would eat later. She sees updates on Ganga being shot. Dadi says both of you will do housework.

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