Nimki Vidhayak 5 February 2020 Written Update

Written Update: Nimki Vidhayak 5 February 2020 Written Update on

Nimki tells the family that I will control the media. Mahua says she is discussing the defilement. Nahar says we should leave. Nimki says Mai will accompany us. Mai comes there and inquires as to whether she is solid? Nimki says yes. Nahar says quit gabbing. Mai says I am conversing with my girl in law. Mai says I will proceed to set my saree. Mahua discloses to Nimki that your hoops are in your organizer. Nimki says I will proceed to get those. Mai feels that Nimki can discover the record there before the police.

Ganga discloses to Shukla that those papers will be found in Nimki’s home. Shukla says this is a smart thought, I have sent the police there from my side. Ganga says we must be cautious about it. Shukla says don’t stress, it will be enjoyable. Nimki is going to go to her room however the police come there and say we have the grant to look through this house as you are affirmed to run young lady dealing business. Nimki is stunned.

The neighbors come there and disclose to Dadi that her eventual little girl in-law Nimki will be a CM however you don’t care for her. Dadi says I do like her. Minto comes there. Dadi says Nimki will have laborers in her home to serve her. Minto mumbles she doesn’t consider getting me wedded. Dadi reveals to Minto that your pair with Nimki would look great. Nimki is feeling acceptable so she can say yes to her. Tilwa can propose her before you so reveal to Nimki that you like here. I will take your proposition there.

Nimki Vidhayak 5 February 2020 Written Update

Mishra discloses to Ganga that Nimki will be affirmed for our wrongdoing now. Ganga says she will realize now to not upset me. Rekha asks Nahar what is happening? He says I don’t have a clue. Sweety says Nimki didn’t do anything so we don’t need to be stressed. Nimki tells the police that Ganga is behind this. She requests the inquiry letter. Does the overseer say you are accusing me now? Allow me to look and let you know. The official checks out the house, however, doesn’t discover anything.

Ganga asks Shukla to call his auditor. Shukla calls the reviewer, he says there is no document there. Shukla says what? Ganga says Mai vowed to do my work. Shukla says to imagine a scenario where Nimki found a good pace for our arrangement. Ganga says I have another arrangement, my man Nirmal gave an explanation that he works for Nimki.

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