Nimki Vidhayak 3 October 2019 Written Update – Is Mintu Agrees? Against Ganga

Written Update: Nimki Vidhayak 3 October 2019 Written Update on

The episode starts, Mintu comes to serve. He says who are you? Mintu says I am an understudy head. What would we be able to accomplish for you? He says first disclose to me what’s your opinion of me? Am I a decent pioneer? I saw you in dissents. I saw on TV. Mintu’s companion says that was Tiwari’s bill. Pastor says indeed, I addressed him.

He was destroying the name of the gathering. This isn’t right. What’s more, Laxman.. He conflicted with his gathering. Such an awful man. Give me a chance to demonstrate to you his video. The video has Laxman requesting that they do the dissents. He says you need to cut the administration down? Mintu says we are understudies. We work for any individual who is correct.

Minster says would yo work for us? Mintu says what would it be advisable for us to do? He says criticize Ganga. His companion says however she is extremely pleasant. He says you need to destroy her character. Mintu says alright we wil do it. He reviews a specialist requesting cash. Mintu says I need 2 lacs advance. Pastor says yet we didn’t see your reliability. Mintu says that is the thing that I need the cash for. He requests that his PA give Mintu cash. Mintu says I would hazard anything to spare you dadi.

Dadi sees a photograph and says it was my grandson’s first photograph that is the reason I kept it. I darkened your face Ganga. Be that as it may, regardless I see your body in it. I abhor it. I detest you. I won’t let anything happen to Mintu. Dadi swoons. Somebody thumps. Dadi gets up. She says I am coming. Dadi opens the entryway. Nimki says where is Mintu?

Dadi says for what reason would you say you are after him? What’s among you and him? There shouldn’t be any lawmaker close to him. Nimki says it is about existence and passing. I have to spare her. Dadi says to recall that lady who met a mishap? She is sick. She needs to see Mintu. Dadi says I won’t send him there. That case included the police. Nimki searches for Mintu all over the place. Dadi is swooning. Nimki searches for Mintu upstairs. Dadi says give me water. She swoons. Nimki rushes to her. Nimki says what befell you.

Nimki Vidhayak 3 October 2019

Tune and Mauha come to meet Mono. Mono embraces her. Ramla says you here? Does Tune say you didn’t realize we were coming? Elena says it was an astonishment. Sweeti says we didn’t let you know or Nimki. Tune says where is she? Sweeti says the specialist called. Annaro isn’t well. Abhi says she hasn’t arrived at the emergency clinic yet.

Mauha says she more likely than not concocted a rationalization to leave from here. She wouldn’t like to see us. She should lie as she used to in school. She couldn’t care less about anybody. Sweeti says enough. She remembered anything. The lady who destroyed Nimki’s life, Nimki deals with her. I would prefer not to see her, yet Nimki deals with her. On account of you Nimki lost her youngster. What might she do? Reviewing her dead, unborn youngster? On the off chance that I were her, I would.

Abhi says to leave it. Sweeti plunks down. Mauha says yes I did that. In any case, did anybody ask me? Give me a chance to come clean with you. Tune says I had an equivalent part in it. Abhi says we should sit and talk. Tune says this can’t work out. Sweeti and Nimki loathe us. We should go Mauha. Mono says kindly don’t go. It would be ideal if you remain. Tune says on the off chance that we remain, it would demolish things. They leave. Mono cries.

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