Nimki Vidhayak 26 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Nimki looks for boys

Written Update: Nimki Vidhayak 26 August 2019 Episode Written Update on

Today episode begins, Mauha returns home furious. She says Mono called. That MLA got the house. She thinks about herself heroin. She can’t talk in English. Tune says for what reason are you irate. She says I am not irate. Nimki says this is Priyanka’s home. We will design us also. The furniture is being set. Nimki sits before the dresser. She takes a selfie. Nimki says now it would appear that my home. I overlooked this.. she acquires the wheelchair. Nimki says see father, you nimki has her home. Nimki says no this house is finished.

Ramla says call Mauha now. For Ram. Bring her back, this house would be finished. Nimki says I need new connections. I need to get hitched. Mono says truly? Nimki says yes. I will get a spouse and after that, both of you go anyplace. Does Ramla say you will show us out? Nimki laughs. Annaro’s primary care physician calls. Nimki leaves. Mauha says to Tune sorry. He says see what I got.

English motion picture ticket. She says it is for 300. Tune says I did a little work. Mauha embraces him. She says daddy would do that. Tune says I admired Ram. I asked him how he satisfies Nimki’s requests. He would state she makes me work. Mauha says for what reason do you need to bring her without fail. Tune says in the event that we talk about the past we would discuss him. I would prefer not to head out to motion picture now. Tune says in the event that she incurs significant damage over your feelings, you are vanquished.

Nimki Vidhayak 26 August 2019 Episode

Nimki says to Annaro for what reason do you do this. I need to proceed onward throughout everyday life. Recover soon, so I push forward as well. Annaro says Babuu and I are with you. Nimki says to what extent would I sit tight for him? Se says babbu is searching for the vehicle. He would come soon. He will come in this vehicle. she snoozes Nimki’s lap.

Annaro says I am going in dreams. You Babbu and I are there. Nimki says to consider the possibility that I don’t’ come. Annaro says you need to. She nods off. Nimki says your babbu won’t’ ever come. He kicked the bucket as a result of me. Annaro says you could always be unable to move fon from my Babbu.

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