Nimki Vidhayak 23 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Nimki in Cement Drum

Written Update: Nimki Vidhayak 23 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Nimki considering Babbu. He says I have bombed passing and returned only for you. She awakens. Monu asks what occurred. She says it’s hot here. He says AC is on. Vimla asks will I make tea. Nimki says its 10 am, for what reason didn’t you wake me, Amaro is moving today. Vimla asks is everything fine. Monu says let it be, I will consider in any school.  Nimki asks him not to stress. Monu says you said impeccable English. Nimki says me virtuoso, I know, you go out, I need to prepare.

Nimki says I have kept running from an earlier time, the past is coming before me, no, don’t give it a chance to influence you, you are champion, gone ahead grin. She grins. Vimla asks what occurred. Monu says something happened to Nimki, she is concealing something, she is frightened. Vimla says let her go, we will converse with Abhimanyu.

Parag is taking shots at the apple kept on Surekha’s head. He asks Surekha not to move. Ganga comes in the middle. She asks did you go distraught. He contends. Ganga keeps the apple on her head and says shoot now, I will see my child’s point, or are you absolutely futile. Shankar asks Parag to stop. Ganga says let him shoot, I will check whether he wins or loses. Parag shoots. There is no projectile in the firearm.

Nimki Vidhayak 23 September 2019

Ganga asks what’s this, you are going to shoot and didn’t check if there are shots in the firearm, I know this current, that is the reason I rejected for shopping center business, I know your world more than you know your existence, go to your room. The specialist says Amaro is better now, MRI report has come, it’s fine. Nimki says for what reason is she saying about Babbu, did she see him. The specialist says you said he is dead, we likewise don’t see, possibly she is fantasizing. Nimki asks what.

The specialist says in the event that we ponder somebody, we see him all over the place. Nimki thinks however I don’t consider him. Shankar says you requested that I evacuate projectiles the previous evening, it implies you knew this. Ganga gets some information about Omkar Tiwari, the news is stating Mishra is missing, individuals accept so. He says Mishra’s sister stole away and wedded. She gets some information about Nimki. He says she is only a customary clergyman.

She says no, she is extraordinary, she has something that she can progress toward becoming Omkar Tiwari and Ganga Devi moreover. Nimki asks Anaro what is she seeing. She asks Anaro to complete nourishment. She says specialists commended you, you carried on well. Anaro says I had every one of the drugs, you said on the off chance that I remain well, at that point Babbu will come to meet me, see he has come, I saw him outside the window, he spared me. Nimki requests that she sit and have nourishment. Anaro says Babbu will return to meet me. Nimki says complete this. Mintu comes there. Nimki sees him. She gets stunned. Anaro says my Babbu will come.

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