Nimki Vidhayak 17 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Nimki is in restaurant & tells Mono

Written Update: Nimki Vidhayak 17 August 2019 Episode Written Update on

Nimki discloses to Mai that I am miffed with you. Does Mai say you won’t clean my face? Nimki, unfortunately, wipes her face and reviews brutality that Mai appeared. Does Mai inquire as to whether she will play with her? Nimki gestures and begins playing rail with her in the clinic. Nimki stops her and carries her to her room. Mai demonstrates her candy. Nimki says I left my work for you.

Mai touches her face and says I am getting these candies for my Babbu, he enjoyed them a ton, my Babbu will come, right? Nimki, unfortunately, gestures as Mai begins moving. The specialist comes to Nimki and says she did as such much with you despite everything you care for her? Nimki reviews her unforgiving words and calling her rottenness then how Babbu passed on. Nimki says I didn’t overlook anything besides she is a mother.

Nimki Vidhayak 17 August 2019

Sweety makes supper. Abhi is calling Nimki. Abhi tells that her telephone is off. Does Sweety say she needs to come? Abhi says she will come. Elena reveals to Abhi that she got the first position however don’t tell mummy, I will give her amazement, she leaves. Sweety reveals to Abhi that I realize she got the first position, I am her mom. Abhi says Nimki is a trick here, she doesn’t realize that all are Tettar here, I won’t walk out on her.

He gets Nimki’s call. Nimki says Mai got sick so I needed to go there, she is fine now, I am worn out now so upset for not coming, she finishes the call. Abhi discloses to Sweety that Nimki will come tomorrow. Sweety gets pitiful. Abhi informs her concerning Mai. Sweety says I won’t give that lady’s shadow a chance to draw close to my infant.

Nimki reviews Mai’s words. Dumri asks Nimki for what valid reason she is fleeing from Abhi? Nimki says he is a major official at this point. Dumri says you needed him to wed. Nimki says I don’t need to come in between them, Abhi has acknowledged Sweety, he is a decent man and satisfies his relations. Dumri says then why not with you?

Nimki says we accept kinship as affection and I did that slip-up with Abhi, we will remain companions forever. Dumri says you are miserable. Nimki says I am tragic for Mai, she is as yet hanging tight for Babbu. Mono comes there and says gives up to rest. Nimki discusses her involvement in getting together and says I gave such a decent discourse, that they were dazzled. Mono rests.

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