Nimki Vidhayak 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Annaro says where is Babbu?

Written Update: Nimki Vidhayak 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

Mintu says is this a show? Get out. Vishnu says quiet down. Mintu says what’s her opinion of herself? Did she ridicule passing? Dadi says quiet down. This was a show. Nothing occurred. Mintu says would you like on the off chance that somebody kids about my passing?

Dadi says don’t set out to state that. Mintu says that is actually what I am stating. How did Nimki joke about your passing? Dadi says it isn’t her shortcoming. It was my thought. Shouldn’t something be said about the guarantee you made with me? Mintu says I just said I would avoid legislative issues.

I didn’t guarantee anything. What’s more, I did that for you. Did I have another alternative? Does Dadi say I don’t get that’s meaning? It is safe to say that you are sold? Did you do this for a clergyman? Mintu says you’re asking me this? She says I showed you habits. Is that how you carry on with a young lady?

Nimki Vidhayak 15 October 2019

It wasn’t indeed, even her shortcoming. It was mine. For what reason didn’t you throttle me? I would kick the bucket the day you neglect to regard a lady and my habits. On the off chance that you esteem these habits go apologize to her. I won’t excuse you until you apologize to her.

Nimki comes to Annaro. Annaro says where is Babbu? Nimki says don’t take his name. He hit me on a divider. You never showed him anything. Annaro says Babbu is that way. He has a reasonable heart. Nimki says you won’t comprehend on the grounds that he is your child.

Annaro says call Babbu. I will converse with him. Nimki says it is possible that he would come here or I? Who do you need? Mintu is outside. Nimki says reveal to me who do you need? Your child? Annaro says did you eat? Come eat with me. Annaro makes Nimki eat. Nimki says what’s happening with you? You never organized anybody above Babbu? You would pick him again once you’re well.

Annaro causes her to eat. Annaro says excuse him. Nimki says don’t make me passionate. You got your Babbu. I have chosen, I will never observe his face. You remain with your Babbu. Annaro says first I had you not Babbu. Presently you would leave. I would consistently be inadequate. Pardon me. He was a decent child, I couldn’t be a decent mother. He won’t be like this on the off chance that I was a decent mother.

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