Nimki Vidhayak 10 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Why Protest Against Ganga?

Written Update: Nimki Vidhayak 10 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins, Mintu says I am Babbu from now. Enlighten me concerning your Babbu. Nimki says e isn’t mine alright. Make tea for me. Mintu goes to the kitchen. Nimki says in heart, Annaro the Babbu that I needed to end as a result of me, I need to make him alive again for you. Shankar gets calls. He says no Parag has nothing to do with the passing of the rancher. He just went to meet him and ask how goes it with him. Parag says I will go any place I need. Hang up now. Shankar says Ganga Mukhiya needs to converse with you.

Ganga says Ranjan is behind these individuals. They would record my call and get anything I would state to orchestrate another dissent. Parag says I am Ex CM’s child. Who is a Mukhiya to address me? Ganga says due to your idiocy they are largely after me. Paraga says I got you the land. Ganga says I requested that you remain quiet till races.

Nimki Vidhayak 10 October 2019

Nimki instructs Mintu how to walk, eat, and talk like Babbu. His companion’s chuckle. Mintu gives Nimki nourishment who is acting like Babbu. Mintu says how is the nourishment? Nimki tosses it on the floor. Mintu says was Babbu insane? Mintu says I am Babbu, child of Tettar and Annaro. He tells the names of his relatives. Nimki says adapted well. Dadi caused you to eat almonds? Mintu’s companion says dadi eats everything herself. Dadi says shut up. I will cut your stomach and get all that I encouraged you out.

Dadi says Mintu do I look like heroin? Companion says are you additionally working in Nimki’s motion picture. Nimki, says this isn’t a motion picture. He says I can act as well. Dadi says I got dressed to make a video. Nimki you come and make a video with me. Nimki says I can’t do this. I am leaving. Mintu says what are you both doing. Nimki says to Mintu’s companion what’s going on here. Also, Mintu you, wouldn’t you be able to sit straight like Babbu. Dadi says get out. Mintu won’t be Babbu. Mintu says Dadi quiet down. Mintu says you need to respond to everything.

Mintu says Vishnu, in the event that you do anything I would punch you. Nimki says no disclose to him you would burry him. Mintu says in Babbu’s tone, I would burry you. Dadi says what are you making out of my Mintu. Nimki reviews Babbu. He says how could you like? Nimki says Babbu would utilize hand as well. Mintu slaps Vishnu. Nimki says it wasn’t hard enough.

Babbu’s slap would resound all over the place. Vishnu says no, I won’t get any longer slaps. Vishnu says how would you think about his slaps? Did he slap you? Nimki reviews Babbu slapping her. Mintu says what was the deal? How about we start once more. Nimki says enough for now. Your companions continue remarking on it. How about we go out. Dadi says to do everything here. Nimki says I need to make him walk like Mintu.

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