Nimki Mukhiya 8 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Babbu Will listen to You?

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 8 July 2019 Episode Written Update on

Babu says to Nimkki you can do what you need. You can go to the kitchen. Is it accurate to say that you are alright? Nimki says my state of mind is off. I eat frozen yogurt when in awful temperament. He says let me inquire as to whether he isn’t here I am getting it. Nimki says bless your heart. I would love it. Babbu goes to bring frozen yogurt.

Nimki says parbatya go make tea. She says I am working. Nimki says I can slap you, however, Babu can shoot you. She says I will bring it. Nimki says Rekha you didn’t invite me? Rekha says you have Babbu and sweet on your side. Annaro is distant from everyone else. I am your ally. You never left, you were in my heart. Nimki says you are in thing.

Individuals who keep me in the heart are effective. Nimki says what’s in sustenance? She says nobody told. Annaro didn’t tell and she hasn’t eaten. Nimki says don’t stress I won’t let her bite the dust. Ritu says nimki went poorly her family? She will live here? Tettar says she would destroy our decisions. Annaro says she did enchantment on him. Tettar says ritu plan something.

Nimki Mukhiya 8 July 2019 Episode

Ritu says I have a thought. He truly adores his mom. On the off chance that you nearly bite the dust, he would need to concur. Annaro says what you need to slaughter me? He says this must be a show. Annaro says babu dissolved because of that youngster. Tettar says he stooped as a result of this youngster? Ritu says he is in her grasp?

Ritu says demonstrate to him that you haven’t eaten anything and you’re passing on. In the event that you hit your head against a divider. Nimki comes and says I got you nourishment. Annaro says don’t set out to go into my room. Nimki says I am here as of now. I and Babbu would be with you. Ritu says I know your dramatization. Nimki says this is our family matter. Annaro says begin over again. I will bring nourishment until you acknowledge me. On the off chance that you don’t eat, I won’t.

At that point, your grandkid would be wear. Annaro discards it and says this isn’t my grandkid. Babbu comes and says what show would you say you are doing? Nimki says I got her nourishment, Babu says I am sorry for her benefit. Babu says see your child. Make him wear a female dress at this point. Annaro pushes him and says leave. try not to demonstrate to me your face. Annaro locks the entryway.

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