Nimki Mukhiya 6 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Would Nimki be okay?

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 6 August 2019 Episode Written Update on

In today episode, Sweeti says Tettar is a creature. I never realized he would stoop this low. Abhi says we need to call the police. I won’t leave him this time. sweeti says I would give explanation. Sweeti says he would go to imprison. Babu says I would choose his discipline. Sweeti says no we would go to the police. Babbu says no I would deliver Nimki’s retribution.

Precious stone calls. He says what. Babbu says amma tumbled from staris. sweeti says imagine a scenario in which Tettar did it. Return home please. Tettar gets Anaro’s wounds dressed. Tettar says annaro examiner is here. You realize what to state. Try not to be frightened. Disclose to them reality. Dablo says she isn’t in great condition. Tettar says I would disclose to them you simply state yes or no Annaro. Tettar says I was originating from the rally. I heard Nimki shouting at Nimki. Nimki slapped Annaro.

Rekha says this was old. Ritu says so we are discussing what occurred. Tettar says I got so irate as well yet Babu assaulted Annaro. Dablo says what are you saying. Ritu says you weren’t there. Babbu is your sibling however we need to tell auditor everything. Tettar says Babbu pushed Annaaro. She was so harmed. Ritu says I am stressed for Nimki as well. Monitor says is this all right annaro? Dablo sees Babbu. He says Babbu stop. Go from here. they have blamed you for harming amma and Nimki.

Nimki Mukhiya 6 August 2019

Tettar assaulted her. Babbu says let me tell the police. DAblo says they have officially constrained her into this announcement. If it’s not too much trouble go from here. Nimk needs you. You can’t be captured. Mauha says please check specialist. she has blacked out. Mauha says please reveal to me how are you feeling? The specialist says please go from here and call her significant other. Ramla says he isn’t here. specialist says to tune we need O positive blood. Go get it from the blood donation center.

Tune says I would organize it. Tune goes. Abhi says mauha kindly don’t stress. she would be alright. Mauha says I said nimki shouldn’t be there. she wasn’t protected. Abhi says please sit inside. I will get tea. Abhi sees Sweeti. She is crying. Abhis its with her. Abhi says do you need tea? She says no. Abhi grins. sweeti says you’re grinning? he says nimki instructed me to grin in all conditions. Sweeti says she was grinning notwithstanding when she was harmed. Abhi says she is heroin.

Sweeti holds his hand and says would she be alright? I know you’re frantic at me. He says for what reason would I be. Sweeti says I let you know Nimki did right, however, look what occurred. This won’t have occurred. Abh says in heart I ought to have ceased her. Sweet says she ought to have avoided Babbu. she would, in any event, be solid. Babu comes. He tells Sweeti everything. Sweeti says how might he stoop so low. Did Amma consent to this? Police come.

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