Nimki Mukhiya 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update – How dare you Enter this kitchen?

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Today episode begins, Nimki sits in her room in haveli. She reviews what she said to Abhi. she reviews babbu saying he needs another shot. Sweeti comes in. Nimki says how are things outside? Sweeti says I need to know about you. Did babbu drive you to come? Nimki says I dropped by my will. Sweeti says yet. Nimki says you said he is evolving.

Sweeti says is this your choice? I can barely handle it. Nimki says yes I came. Sweeti says did you tell your family? Nimki says no I arrived in a rush. I will let them know. They are my family. Sweeti says what regarding Abhi? nimki says I made him extremely upset. I will lament that eternity. Sweeti embraces her and says everything will fix.

Babbu won’t rehash a similar slip-up. Babbu comes in. Babbu has cake. Sweeti says you figured I would overlook? She opens the cake. Sweeti says I know it’s your birthday today. Nimki says Abhi got me this cake. How could you realize it was my fav? Sweeti says I let him know. Nimki says I thought babu wound up mind.

Sweeti says he would move toward becoming, life gave both of you another shot. Nimki reviews the thing Abhi said about her birthday. Sweeti says we didn’t sing birthday child. How about we take photographs. she takes Babbu and Nimki’s photograph. Nimki celebrated with her family. Sweeti says approach both of you. She snaps their picture.

Nimki Mukhiya 5 July 2019

Mono is disturbed. He reviews his minutes with Nimki. Mauha says what’s happening with you. Mauha says you would solidify the bulb. Mono says and nobody would come to fix it. Mauha embraces him. Mono cries. He says how might she do this. I disclosed to her we would praise her birthday. Mauha says you mean she was distraught at us?

In the event that we didn’t wish her, she would go to that haveli? Go rest. Moono says won’t you eat? She says you didn’t eat either. Mausi ji gave chowmein. We should eat. Mono says it was didi’s fav. Mauha says don’t take her name. SHe left us. She didn’t think about us? Did she call Babbuh here? I will get haveli and bring her back. that Babbu isn’t beneficial for her. Tune says for what reason did you do this Nimki.

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